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Guide To Kayaking In The Miami Area

Being a coastal city in South Florida, it’s not surprising that there are plenty of opportunities for watersports in and around Miami. With barrier islands, sandbars, intracoastal waterways and beautiful beaches, there’s certainly lots to explore.But where are the best places for kayaking? We have looked into the areas that we think are some of the best […]

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What Should You Do If Approaching A Low-Head Dam In A Kayak (or Canoe)?

So you’re cruising along in your kayak, minding your own business. Suddenly you see big warning signs of a ‘Low-head Dam’ approaching. You’re getting closer, time is running out.  What should you do? The Short Answer 1) Avoid. 2) Paddle ashore. 3) Get out of your kayak and walk around the dam. 4) Paddle again but from a good, safe distance on […]

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