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Kayak In Pickup Truck Bed – How To Tie Down And Transport

You’ve got your kayak transportation checklist: kayak in pickup truck – check; tied down correctly – check. But before you can check off everything on your list you need to know how exactly to do it. Before you buy a kayak it can important to consider transportation. Your pickup can be just the tool for the […]

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Guide To Kayak Sails

Adding a sail to your kayak could let you transform your vessel into a more advanced one with power from an additional source. But is there any point to having a sail on your yak? We’ve looked into the advantages and disadvantages you might get from adding a kayak sail kit to your vessel. We’ll […]

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Best Trolling Motor Battery Charger

When you’re looking for a charger for trolling motor batteries you’ll probably find that you’re faced with many different options, which can make the decision particularly difficult.But to make the choice simpler we’ve put together some information that you might find helpful when you choose your next charger. We’ll check out the various types of […]

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