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Kayaking Theory - Q&A

Everything you wanted to know about kayaks. How-to guides, kayak maintenance and general questions and answers based around all things kayaking.

What To Bring Kayaking – Gear Checklist For Beginners
Canoe vs Kayak
Kayaking Safety Rules & Regulations For A Better Paddling Experience
What Size Kayak Do I Need? Length to Paddler Height Explained
Kayak Camping Checklist (and how you should pack it)!
Top 7 Benefits Of Kayaking
Guide To Kayak Hull Designs
Kayak Hatch Kits Explained
Should I Add A Skid Plate To My Kayak Or Canoe?
What Are Strainers On A River?
What Is An Eddy In A River?
Kayaking Near Me – Interactive Location Map
Recreational Kayaks vs Touring Kayaks – What’s The Difference?
Guide To The Classification Of Rapids
Can I Paddle A Kayak Or Canoe While Pregnant?
Kayak Wax – How To Clean And Protect Your Hull
Kayak Crabbing – What You Need To Know
Kayak Fishing Tips For Beginner And Experienced Anglers
Guide To Kayaking Apps
Adding A Skeg To A Kayak? – Our Full Guide
Oil Canning In Plastic Kayaks – What Is It And How To Fix
What Are Scupper Plugs?
Spar Marine Varnish vs Spar Urethane For Paddles, Canoes And Small Boats
Kayak Paddle Drip Rings – Do They Work?
Kayak Bulkheads – What Are They And How Do They Work?
Can A Kayak Sink, Or Do They Always Float?
Gorilla, Duct or Flex Tape – Which Is Best Underwater?
How Fast Do Rivers Flow – CFS Explained
Kayak Outriggers DIY Guide
Paddleboard vs Kayak: Is One Better Than The Other?
How To Paint A Kayak
Inflatable Kayak vs Hardshell Comparison
How To Go Kayaking With Your Dog – Top Tips
How To Lift And Carry A Kayak (the right way!)
How Long Does It Take To Kayak A Mile?
Can I Get A DUI On A Kayak?
Guide To Buying Used Kayaks
How Much Does A Kayak Weigh? (Not Too Heavy I Hope!)

Strokes and Techniques

Learn how to paddle a kayak. Strokes and techniques explained in detail for beginners and more advanced kayakers.

How To Paddle A Kayak – Strokes & Techniques Explained
How To Roll A Kayak (the right way!)
Oar vs Paddle: The Differences Between Rowing And Paddling
Kayaking Upstream – How To Guide
How To Get Into A Kayak With Bad (Or Stiff) Knees And Start Kayaking
How To Get In And Out Of A Kayak
How To Get Back In A Kayak After It’s Flipped Over
What Should You Do If Approaching A Low-Head Dam In A Kayak (or Canoe)?