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Hello and welcome!

Mark Armstrong here. I’m the chief editor of kayakguru.com.

Our site is mainly for Kayakers, Canoers and Fishing folk. We want to help you (whether you’re a beginner or expert!)

Read on to learn more about our site…

Site History & Background

Once Upon A Time…

It all began back in 2015.

This site was initially set up for beginner paddlers. Yup, we started small, with a few articles about basic, beginner kayaks.

Then over time, people started asking us questions, such as:

  • How do I right a kayak after it’s flipped over?
  • I want a kayak that won’t break the bank, do you have any suggestions?
  • What options do I have for painting my discolored yak?
  • What’s it like to kayak in [insert your destination here]?

Our readers didn’t just want a few kayak reviews. They wanted to know more about kayaking in general…

So we started covering different kayak types, including:

More Than Kayaking

But then over more time, our readers wanted even more (that’s ok – it keeps us busy!), and not just on pure kayaking.

They wanted to know more about activities related to kayaks, including fishing, canoeing and other paddle sports.

The questions kept coming in…thick and fast:

  • How can I fish efficiently? Do you have any tips on catching [insert your favorite fish here]?
  • What is the best kayak for fishing? 
  • Do you have any advice on canoes?
  • I’m thinking about getting into Stand Up Paddleboarding. Do you have any tips?

And so here we are today.

Today: Our Mission

What started out as a kayak site, has transformed into a greater mission. And the good news is that we don’t plan stopping any time soon.

There’s plenty to talk about… it’s kayaking for [insert expletive] sake! Oh, and fishing…and canoeing…and SUP and….you get the gist! Our ambition is to always aim to go above and beyond the rest…

Check out our intro guides on:

Please Be Safe In And Around Water!

Well, if you’re reading our About page, you must be taking the sport quite seriously. Or you might be a newcomer to this fabulous pastime. Or hey, you may be somewhere in between…

In any case, we implore you to keep safety in mind. If you know what you’re doing, kayaks (canoes and paddle boards), and all that surrounds them can be hugely enjoyable and safe.

Go over to the American Canoe Association (ACA) and read up on courses. These are useful for all levels of paddler.

We also highly recommend checking out information and courses on water etiquette, swimming and general boating. Here is a list of resources that are good to start off with:

Who Are We?

Mark Armstrong

Mark Armstrong, the chief editor of Kayak Guru
Chief Editor

Mark is the chief editor of Kayak Guru. When Mark isn’t working his day job, he can be found indulging in his adventurous passions of kayaks, fishing, cycling, hiking and tech.

Mark’s bio

Nicola Burridge

Editor & Writer

Nicola is a writer and editor, who lives with her partner and dog. Nicola enjoys paddleboarding, hiking, traveling and playing tennis in warmer climates and taking walks on the beach when at home.

Nicola’s bio

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