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Kayak Gear

The kayaking gear that will help you get the most out of your kayak and future paddling trips.


Add-ons for your kayak in our accessories section. Includes gear to protect your kayak and extras that will help aid you on your yak.

Trolling Motors

Add an electric trolling motor to your kayak so that you can easily get to the best fishing holes.


There are many ways to transport a kayak. In this section, we look at gear to transport your kayak - from carts and trailers to car racks.

Kayak Clothing

What clothes should you wear when paddling and what is best for you?

Kayak Storage

How do you store a kayak at home or in your garage or shed? There are plenty of options and we help you choose what's best for you.

Life Vests

Wearing a life vest when kayaking is a must. We look at all life jackets and PFDs, how to choose them and how to look after properly.


Choose the right kayak paddle for your size and height and paddling needs. We have individual paddle reviews and buyer's guides.

Do Kayak Paddles Float?

Do Kayak Paddles Float? Well, Yes and No!

As a beginner, you might wonder if kayak paddles float, and it’s a valid concern because losing a paddle can be frustrating and even dangerous. The short answer is yes,…

What To Wear Under A Wetsuit

What To Wear Under A Wetsuit

Planning to hit the waves or indulge in water sports? Don’t forget to gear up with a wetsuit for warmth and protection from the elements. But did you know that…

How To Tow A Kayak

How To Tow A Kayak (SAFELY)

Picture this: you and your kayaking crew are out on the water, enjoying the serene surroundings, when suddenly someone gets hurt or exhausted. Scary, right? But don’t fret – with…

How To Modify A Kayak For A Dog

How To Modify A Kayak For A Dog

Are you an adventurous pup parent eager to take your furry friend on paddling escapades? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! After scouring the internet for hours, we’ve discovered numerous…

Ways To Attach Accessories On Kayaks

Ways To Attach Accessories On Kayaks

Whether you’re planning a kayak fishing trip or just looking to soak up some nature, you can take your kayaking experience up a notch by personalizing your ride with some…

Guide To Inflatable Kayak Seats

Guide To Inflatable Kayak Seats

“Blow up” your kayaking comfort with inflatable kayak seats. Many inflatable kayaks come with removable seats, but upgrading to a more comfortable option can enhance your paddling experience. To help…

DIY Kayak Rack Ideas and Plans

DIY Kayak Rack Ideas and Plans

Create a personalized storage solution for your kayak with a budget-friendly DIY kayak rack. A DIY kayak rack can give you a custom rack at a fraction of the cost…