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Kayak Theory – Learn About Kayaking

Everything you wanted to know about kayaking.
How-to guides, paddling tips, kayak maintenance and general questions and answers based around all things kayaking.

Strokes and Technique

Strokes and techniques for beginners to advanced kayakers.

Learn how to paddle your kayak with different techniques and styles from calm waters though to Class VI rapids.

Transportation Theory

Learn about kayak transportation theory by manually carrying your kayak, shipping a kayak or moving your boat without a rack.

Kayak Maintenance

Look after and maintain your kayak properly so that it lasts longer.

Learn about paint and wax to protect a kayak hull from harmful UV rays that come from the sun and repair holes that may have been caused by damage from your last kayaking adventure.


Kayak safety is very important.

Learn what to do (and what NOT to do) when paddling a kayak. There are certain rules that are recommended to be followed to keep you safe in dangerous waters and unpredictable weather.

Fitting a Kayak Inside an SUV or car

Fit Kayak Inside SUV

An SUV makes life easier, especially for smaller paddlers looking to safely transport a smaller kayak. After all, it’s not called a sport utility vehicle for nothing.  If you’re looking…

Kayak Snacks for a kayaking adventure

The Best Kayak Snacks To Keep Hunger Away

Embark on your kayak adventure fully fueled with the best kayak snacks. Whether you’re gliding across serene lakes or navigating challenging rapids, these tasty, portable snacks will keep you energized…

Kayaking With No Back Pain by using support

Kayaking With No Back Pain

Kayaking can be a relaxing way to spend time in the great outdoors. But there’s nothing worse than a sore back to put a stop to your adventures.  It’s time…

Ideas For A Kayaking Date

Ideas For A Kayaking Date

There’s nothing quite like a shared experience to bring you and your date closer together. And if you’re looking for a fun date, kayaking is a great activity, whether you…

Can One Person Use A Two-Person Kayak?

Can One Person Use A Two-Person Kayak?

In the realm of kayaking, the notion of paddling on your own in a tandem kayak sparks curiosity. Can one person use a two-person kayak and effectively navigate a vessel…

Myths Surrounding Kayak Fishing Debunked

9 Myths Surrounding Kayak Fishing Debunked

You may be wondering whether some of those rumors you’ve heard from your fishing buddies are true. When it comes to kayak fishing, there are many misconceptions that people have….

Is Kayaking Hard?

Is Kayaking Hard?

Kayaking – is it a tough row to hoe or a walk in the park? If you’ve ever found yourself caught in this conundrum, then you’re in the right place….