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Kayak Theory – Learn About Kayaking

Everything you wanted to know about kayaking.
How-to guides, paddling tips, kayak maintenance and general questions and answers based around all things kayaking.

Strokes and Technique

Strokes and techniques for beginners to advanced kayakers.

Learn how to paddle your kayak with different techniques and styles from calm waters though to Class VI rapids.

Transportation Theory

Learn about kayak transportation theory by manually carrying your kayak, shipping a kayak or moving your boat without a rack.

Kayak Maintenance

Look after and maintain your kayak properly so that it lasts longer.

Learn about paint and wax to protect a kayak hull from harmful UV rays that come from the sun and repair holes that may have been caused by damage from your last kayaking adventure.


Kayak safety is very important.

Learn what to do (and what NOT to do) when paddling a kayak. There are certain rules that are recommended to be followed to keep you safe in dangerous waters and unpredictable weather.

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