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Kayak Maintenance

Here we learn about taking care of your kayak. From cleaning to repairs we have articles that demonstrate how to keep your kayak in tip-top condition

Kayaks on rack under heat of the sun

UV Protection Tips For Kayaks

Hey there, fellow paddler! We all love a good summer day out on the water, but did you know that the hot sun can actually pose some challenges for your…

Paddler pumping up inflatable whitewater kayak on river shore

How To Inflate A Kayak (And Deflate)

Knowing how to inflate a kayak can be one of the first steps on your inflatable kayak journey. Without this skill, you might not get too far. While it might…

Woman deflating kayak for cleaning

How To Clean And Dry Out An Inflatable Kayak

Get ready for a spotless inflatable kayak that’s ready for any water adventure! Say goodbye to mold and mildew ruining your kayak, and hello to a hassle-free packing process. Join…

Kayaks with kayak seats installed

Can You Drill Holes Into A Kayak?

If you’ve just bought a new kayak or you’re looking to upgrade an old one, you’re probably wondering how you can attach accessories to it. Most of the time, adding…

Old Canoes floating on the water

How To Repurpose A Leaky Canoe Or Kayak

A repurposed canoe means your trusty old canoe can continue to bring you joy, even when you can’t take it on the water. There are many ways you can inject new life…

How To Paint A Kayak

How To Paint A Kayak

Painting a kayak can be a fun DIY project and a relatively inexpensive way of improving the aesthetics, especially if your kayak’s showing some wear and tear. So should you…