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Kayak Types

Types of Kayaks leaning against a wall on a bright sunny day

Kayaks come in many varieties and types to suit different needs and tastes. Just like ice cream flavors!

From cozy sit-in to convenient sit-on-top, touring for adventure, whitewater for thrill-seekers, inflatable for portability, and fishing kayaks for anglers.

Our kayak types guides will get you out on the water for a splashing good time!


Get your kayaking gear, right here!

Paddle, clothes, life vest, accessories, transport options, and if you want to take things up a notch, a trolling motor.

Then, properly store everything so that it will be available the next time you feel like taking on the water.

Our gear guides help you choose wisely and help unpack all the complicated jargon.

Kayaking Theory

No matter your level of kayaking expertise, it’s always a good idea to review the fundamentals of paddling.

Learn the right kayaking techniques, master how to steer, and conquer the different water types with confidence.

With the foundations we teach, you’ll be kayaking like a boss faster than you think.

Our kayak theory section helps you practise towards perfection!


Explore the outdoors in a fun and thrilling way – with a kayak.

Navigate turbulent rivers, travel across serene lakes, and explore the open seas and oceans. Discover hidden waterfalls, towering cliffs and other natural wonders.

Grab your paddle, turn up your sense of adventure, and start kayaking through some of the world’s most stunning and remote locations.

We check out some great fishing locations too!

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Other Water Sports We Cover

We don’t just do kayaks! Go fishing and reel in a whopper, stand tall on a paddleboard and get a great core workout, go canoeing like a pro, or cruise around on a boat. You can incorporate all these activities with camping too.

With this many options, you can have limitless fun on the water! Here’s some topics to get you started: