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Canoe Types

Learn all about canoes. We review canoes and look into why you should (or not) choose one. We also look at how to paddle a canoe along with other techniques and tips.

Inflatable Canoes

Inflatable canoes are a great way to get to where you want to go canoeing without all the fuss of transporting a hardshell canoe.

Canoe Accessories

Fun and practical canoe accessories and gear to help you on your next canoeing adventure. We look at the best items, review them and have user guides.

How Long Is A Canoe

How Long Is A Canoe (Why Size Matters)?

Ever found yourself standing in the canoe section of your outdoor store, scratching your head, wondering which one to choose? We’ve all been there, right? Canoes are a bit like…

How Much Is A Canoe?

How Much Is A Canoe?

Canoeing is a popular outdoor activity that provides a unique way to explore lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. Whether you’re an experienced paddler or a beginner, having the…

How To Paddle A Canoe

How To Paddle A Canoe

Canoeing is an exciting and rewarding outdoor activity that allows you to explore the waterways and enjoy nature. However, to fully appreciate the experience, it is important to learn how…

Canoe vs Kayak: What Are The Differences?

Canoe vs Kayak – The BIG Showdown

The biggest difference between kayaking and canoeing? If you’re looking to get into either sport, you’ll probably be asking yourself a few questions, including: Well, the short answer is: IT…

Fun Kayak And Canoe Games

Fun Kayak And Canoe Games

Looking for a way to add some excitement to your next kayaking or canoeing trip? Why not try out one of these fun family kayak games.  These activities are great…