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Read our fishing guides here. These are fishing articles for those fishing from the land.

We also have a separate fishing kayak section.

Bass Fishing

Read our guides on bass fishing including the different types of bass, where to catch them and the top tips to catch bass in all seasons of the year.

Fish Recipes

Here are some of our favorite fish recipes for you to prepare, cook and enjoy.

Storing Fish On Kayak

Storing Fish On Kayak

Ah, the thrill of the catch! But what happens next? You don’t want your fresh fish to go to waste, especially after a long and successful kayak fishing trip! Don’t…

Bump Boards For Fishing Explained

Bump Boards For Fishing Explained

Maybe you’ve been wondering what a bump board fishing tool is and why some kayak anglers use them. Bump boards can be useful tools for measuring fish quickly and easily….

How To Make Money From Fishing

How To Make Money From Fishing

We all know how much you love to fish and if you’re pretty good at it you can make quite a catch. But can you make money from it? Where…

Can I Get A Fishing Permit At Walmart?

Can I Get A Fishing License At Walmart?

If you’re looking for a convenient place to purchase a valid fishing license, Walmart could just be the place. With plenty of locations across the country – in every state…