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Kayak Transportation

This section covers the gear used to transport your kayak, including Kayak Trailers, Kayak Carts, and Kayak racks installed on cars and vehicles

Kayak Racks

Read our reviews of racks used to carry kayaks on cars, SUVs and other vehicles.

We also have hints, tips and guides on how to install and use these kayak racks properly.

Kayak Trailers

A kayak trailer is a great way to transport multiple kayaks from A to B safely and easily. You can buy a new one or build your own DIY kayak trailer. Our guides will help show you how.

Kayak Carts

Learn all about Kayak Carts (also known as a kayak trolley or dolly).

Find out how to choose one and use a cart with wheels to move your kayak efficiently, without you having to lift the kayak manually.

SUV loaded with 2 kayaks on top in the middle of forest during daytime

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