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Kayak Accessories

All the must-have kayak accessories to help you get the best out of your next Kayaking adventure. Information on kayak parts and how to use them effectively.


Coolers are great for keeping your fishing catch fresh, or for keeping the food and drinks you've taken with you for the day, nice and chilled.

Dry Bags

Making sure your valuables and essentials are kept dry is an absolute priority. Dry bags are a great way to protect your fragile items waterproof.

Mounts And Rails

Using tracks, mounts and rails is a very common way to attach accessories to your kayak.

Kayak Seats

Upgrade your kayak seat with something more comfortable for your back. You'll be able to spend longer sitting one your kayak with much less chance of back pain. perfect for touring and a day of kayak fishing.


Using GPS, compass, radio and phone apps are great ways to improve kayak navigation. In this section we talk about accessories that help you get from A to B safely.

Safety Gear

Rescue and safety gear to help give you peace of mind if the worst happens.

Kayak Covers

Covers help keep your kayak protected from all types of weather. From cold ice to hot sunshine - the weather has negative effects for your kayaking gear.

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