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Everything you need to know about kayak paddles. Including the paddle length you need, different materials used in paddles and how to hold a paddle the right way.

Paddle Accessories

What paddle accessories do you need?

Learn all about kayak paddle accessories such as leashes, drip rings, holders, bags, grips and more. Find out when and where to use them...

Do Kayak Paddles Float?

Do Kayak Paddles Float? Well, Yes and No!

As a beginner, you might wonder if kayak paddles float, and it’s a valid concern because losing a paddle can be frustrating and even dangerous. The short answer is yes,…

Kayak Paddle Drip Rings

Kayak Paddle Drip Rings – Do They Work?

You may have heard people talking about drip rings for kayak paddles but what are they and do you really need them? That’s what this article is all about…confirming whether…

Best Kayak Paddle Holder

Best Kayak Paddle Holder

Whether you’re kayak fishing or simply out for a paddling adventure, there will likely be times when you need to put your paddle down. A kayak paddle holder can act…

Best Kayak Paddle Grips

Best Kayak Paddle Grips to Help Prevent Blisters

Ever found yourself halfway through a serene paddle only to realize you’re clutching your paddle way too tightly? Fellow kayakers, it’s time to up our grip game. These innovative accessories…

Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle Review

Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle Review

The Carlisle Magic Plus is a kayak paddle that comes in two pieces. It is designed to be both affordable and high performing. It comes in a range of lengths…

Best Kayak Paddle Bag

Best Kayak Paddle Bag

Once you’ve got your new paddle you’ll probably want to keep it in tip top condition. That’s where a bag can come in handy. We’ve put together this short guide…