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Best Kayak Paddle For Fishing – The Ultimate Angler’s Guide

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The best kayak paddle for fishing will usually be the one that fits both you and your boat, which means one person’s perfect paddle may not always work for you.

To make it easier to choose, we’ve put some information together that you might find useful. We’ve also included some of our top picks for anglers so you can see what’s out there.

At A Glance:

Top 7 Best Paddles For Kayak Fishing Reviewed

1: Bending Branches Classic Angler Paddle (best overall)

Bending Branches Classic Angler PaddlePin
  • Length: From 220 to 280cm
  • Weight: 34 ounces
  • Blade Material: Fiberglass reinforced nylon
  • Shaft Material: Fiberglass
  • Pieces: 2

This Bending Branches Classic Angler Paddle is a lightweight, durable option that can be a great choice for a variety of paddlers and anglers. It comes in a range of sizes to suit all types of yaks and features adjustable ferrules to set the angle of your blades to your preference.

The fiberglass shaft and fiberglass reinforced blades help to minimize the weight, while adding strength, making this ideal for all day fishing adventures. It also benefits from having a hook retrieval system in the blade and a handy measuring tape built into the shaft for convenience.


  • Fiberglass construction – lightweight but strong
  • Built-in tape measure – measure your catch without needing a separate ruler
  • Variety of lengths available – can suit a range of paddlers

This is for keen anglers looking for quality features and durability.

2: Bending Branches Angler Rise (best budget)

  • Length: From 230 to 260cm
  • Weight: 37 ounces
  • Blade Material: Polypropylene
  • Shaft Material: Aluminum
  • Pieces: 2

The Bending Branches Angler Rise Paddle is a budget option that can be great for new kayak anglers. It can also be good if you only plan to be on the water for a short time. It features a durable aluminum shaft that comes in two pieces, making it easier to store and transport.

Another great feature of the Angler Rise is the line retrieval hook in the blade so that you can easily free your line if it’s caught. You can also feather the angle of the blades at 60 degrees if that suits your paddling style better.


  • Two pieces – convenient for storage and transportation
  • Aluminum shaft – durable and ideal for beginners
  • Hook notch in blade – for retrieving your stuck line

This one can be best for occasional anglers on a budget and beginners.

3: Werner Camano Hooked Fiberglass

Werner Camano Hooked PaddlePin
  • Length: From 220 to 280cm
  • Weight: 30 ounces
  • Blade Material: Fiberglass
  • Shaft Material: Carbon blend
  • Pieces: 2

The Werner Camano Hooked comes in a choice of sizes, with the shortest being 220 to 240cm long. Each size option can be adjusted up to 20cm which can add versatility and can be useful if you like to adjust the height of your seat, as you can increase the length of the shaft for easier paddling.

The medium sized dihedral blades can be great for a variety of paddlers and can suit a low angle stroke. The straight shaft features a high ratio carbon blend construction for strength and durability, while keeping weight to a minimum.


  • Lightweight carbon blend shaft – reduces paddling fatigue
  • Adjustable shaft length – can extend for different yaks or higher/lower seating
  • Two pieces – easier to transport or store on deck

This is for experienced paddlers.

4: Carlisle Predator Paddle

Carlisle Predator PaddlePin
  • Length: From 220 to 250 cm
  • Weight: 39.8 ounces (220cm)
  • Blade Material: Fiberglass reinforced polypropylene
  • Shaft Material: Fiberglass
  • Pieces: 2

This Carlisle Predator is a two piece paddle with a tough fiberglass shaft to minimize weight and the blades are reinforced with fiberglass for added durability. The shaft also benefits from having ovalized hand grips for improved comfort and control.

The Predator comes in a range of sizes so you should find a length to suit. The asymmetrical, slightly spoon shaped blades also feature a hook retrieval system cut out of the blade. This can help you retrieve your line if your lure gets stuck.

Another nice feature of the Predator is that it comes in camouflage colors which might reduce your chances of spooking the fish. You can also feather the blades between 0 and 60 degrees.


  • Hook blade cut-out – helps you retrieve line
  • Camouflage colors – blend in with your surroundings
  • Spoon blades – help to deliver increased power

The Carlisle Predator is for anglers with more of a high angle stroke.

5: Bending Branches Angler Scout

Bending Branches Angler ScoutPin
  • Length: From 220 to 260cm
  • Weight: 36 ounces
  • Blade Material: Fiberglass reinforced polymer
  • Shaft Material: Aluminum
  • Pieces: 2

This Bending Branches Angler Scout can be an ideal paddle for beginners. It is crafted with a tough and durable aluminum shaft and epX engineered polymer blades that are reinforced with fiberglass for added strength. This can help it withstand knocks and bumps while you’re getting to grips with kayak fishing.

It comes in a range of lengths from 220cm to 260cm and features a snap button ferrule system for you to adjust the angle of the blades up to 60 degrees.

Handy features include a hook retrieval system built into the blade and a measuring tape on the shaft.


  • Durable – can withstand knocks
  • Built-in measuring tape – lets you measure your catch quickly
  • Adjustable ferrule system – lets you set the angle of the blade to suit your paddling style

This is for beginners looking for a tough, affordable paddle with helpful angling features.

6: Bending Branches Angler Ace Snap-Button

Bending Branches Angler Ace Snap-ButtonPin
  • Length: From 230 to 280cm
  • Weight: 30 ounces
  • Blade Material: Carbon reinforced nylon
  • Shaft Material: Carbon
  • Pieces: 2

The Bending Branches Angler Ace Snap-Button is a lightweight paddle that is built for strength, power and efficiency. It features a full carbon shaft and carbon reinforced nylon blades to give you durability and the power to paddle heavier fishing kayaks.

This one also has a hook retrieval system in the blades so you can free your line easily if it gets caught. Another useful feature is the built-in tape measure on the shaft, letting you measure your catch right there on the water.


  • Carbon construction – lightweight and durable, minimizes fatigue
  • Tough blades – ideal for powering heavy yaks
  • Measuring tape – measure fish easily

This is for anglers looking for a good value, top quality paddle.

7: Perception Pescador Paddle

Perception Pescador PaddlePin
  • Length: 230 to 240cm
  • Weight: 34 ounces
  • Blade Material: Fiberglass reinforced plastic
  • Shaft Material: Aluminum
  • Pieces: 2

This Perception Pescador can be a great choice for beginners or if you’re looking for a durable option at an affordable price. A great feature on this one is that the two piece aluminum shaft is adjustable, meaning you can have it set at 230cm or 240cm. This adjustability can make it useful to use on different boats and if you have a high/low seat.

It benefits from having asymmetric, dihedral blades for increased power and performance and also has a line retrieval system in the blade and built-in tape measure on the shaft.


  • Adjustable length – suits different paddlers and boats
  • Fiberglass reinforced blades – for added durability
  • Line retrieval hook – for rescuing snagged lines

This can be better suited to shorter anglers or anglers who may have narrower fishing kayaks.

How To Choose A Paddle For Fishing


The materials used in a paddle’s construction can affect its weight, performance and durability. Generally, the more expensive the paddle, the lighter it will be.

Lower budget paddles will often have aluminum shafts and plastic blades, which can be fine if you don’t fish very often or paddle very far, but they tend to be heavier than carbon fiber or fiberglass shafts.

Carbon fiber can be the best material to look for if you want a higher end paddle with optimized performance qualities but these can be expensive. Fiberglass can also be lightweight and durable.

However, some good paddles will often feature a combination of carbon fiber and fiberglass, which can give you the lightweight performance but is less expensive than full carbon.

Paddle Blade ShaftPin


The length of shaft you will need will usually depend on your height and the width of your kayak. Because fishing yaks tend to be wider than other yaks, you may need a longer paddle than you might otherwise need.

Another thing that could influence the length of paddle you need is the height of your seat. Some fishing vessels have raised seats, which might mean you need to increase the length of your paddle.

Many products designed for fishing will often come in longer lengths to accommodate wider vessels. Some will also often have adjustable shafts, which can be ideal if you want to use the same paddle on different boats or if you want to share the paddle with other members of your family.

If your boat is over 34 inches wide, you may want to aim for lengths of 240cm and up.

Full Paddle Length Sizing Guide


A lightweight shaft, either carbon or fiberglass, is generally preferable because it can reduce fatigue, meaning you can stay on the water longer, and potentially catch more fish.

If you don’t plan to paddle far, or if you’re just starting out and want a budget paddle, you might find that the weight may not matter as much to you.

Blade Shape

Blades come in various shapes to enhance performance with different paddling styles. You’ll probably find that many blades are asymmetric, which can be best suited to a lower angled stroke. Symmetrical blades are often more suited to high angle strokes and whitewater paddlers.

You may also notice that some blades have a spoon shape. This can help to move more water, delivering added power with each stroke and can be useful for increasing speed.

While narrow blades can be lighter and great for all-day touring, wider blades can often be ideal for fishing, where you want increased power from each stroke to get to your favorite fishing hole quickly.

Dihedral blades can help to guide water to the outside edges of the blade for increased efficiency, as this can minimize flutter on the blades with each power stroke. This means it has a spine down the center of the blade with either side sloping slightly down away from the center spine. Flat blades do not have this and instead have a flat surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Kayak Paddles For Fishing Different From Others?

Sometimes fishing paddles can come in longer lengths than standard ones. They can also often have additional features that can be useful for angling, such as line retrieval hooks in the blades and built-in rulers for measuring fish.

Are Kayak Fishing Paddles Expensive?

They can be but there are usually budget options. Usually the materials can affect the cost, with lighter, stronger carbon fiber being more expensive. Additional features could also increase the price.

How Do You Paddle A Fishing Kayak The Best Way?

It can be best to sit up straight in your seat and make use of the foot braces to keep your legs slightly bent. You should also make sure you use your whole upper body with each stroke, rotating your torso with each forward movement.

Video: Proper Techniques For Paddling A Fishing Kayak

Final Words

We think the best kayak paddle for fishing is the Bending Branches Classic Angler Paddle because it has all the great features you want for kayak fishing, including a built-in tape measure and a line retrieval hook. It also has a good combination of strength, performance and value in a lightweight product that can be ideal for a wide variety of anglers.

Coming in as a runner up is the Bending Branches Ace Snap-Button with its lightweight full carbon shaft and carbon reinforced blades for increased power and durability. It also has excellent features to make your fishing trip easier.

Remember to consider the width of your kayak before you choose your paddle, as you want to make sure you can paddle comfortably, especially if your yak is on the wider side or if you have one of those comfortable raised seats.

Keep in mind that not all of these products will be suitable for all paddlers or all boats.

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