Editorial And Review Guidelines

Tandem Kayaking Canoeing With Life Jackets

How We Review Products

We carry out extensive research to find the best products in a particular category, so that you don’t have to spend hours doing it yourself.

We have first-hand experience of using some of the products we review.

When we are unable to source a certain item ourselves, we will spend a great deal of time studying the product to assess its suitability for inclusion in our reviews. We research using data from a number of online sources. This includes collating information from the manufacturer along with other users’ real-life experiences with that specific item.

Our “best of” lists always list the absolute best item for most readers, then we often supply the winners for other categories that may be more “niche” and helps tailor the result towards as many readers as possible.


With kayaking products and any other products that are designed for use in and around water, we understand that safety is always very important.

We always use high-quality sources for our guides and other articles, including scientific, government, and other official sources, to include:

With the products we review, we always endeavor to ensure the items are safe and suitable for their intended purpose. If a product is not safe for use in oceans or whitewater conditions, for example, we will state this in the review.

When it comes to our safety guides, tips, and instructional articles, we advise that you always check the official guidance for yourself, especially when it comes to laws and safety regulations. We do not offer legal advice and we are not an official source of safety information.

We recommend that you do not attempt any paddling activity that is beyond your skill level, without suitable instruction or supervision from an expert. It’s always advised that you wear the recommended safety equipment for your water activity, including a suitable PFD.

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