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​Whether you’re kayak fishing or simply out for a paddling adventure, there will likely be times when you need to put your paddle down. A kayak paddle holder can act like a third hand and it can help to prevent your paddle from floating off without you.

We’ve put together some information so that you can find out a little more about them, as well as our recommendations.

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​5 Best Paddle Holders For Kayaks

​1: YakAttack RotoGrip Paddle Holder (best overall)

YakAttack RotoGrip Paddle Holder
  • ​Height: 2.25 inches
  • ​Track mount ready: Yes

The YakAttack RotoGrip paddle holder is an award winning paddle holder that is designed to be quick and easy to install. It features a gear track ready mount that can be mounted onto several brands of gear tracks, including YakAttack, YakGear, RAM and Scotty.

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It is just over 2 inches in height so it shouldn’t get in the way of your paddling or the rest of your gear. It has two soft rollers that are designed to hold your paddle in place. It is also built to work with a range of paddles.

It can be mounted on one side of your kayak, so that you can hold your paddle parallel with the side of your boat. Or you can mount two holders (one on each side) to hold your paddle perpendicular to the side of your paddle, across your deck.


  • ​Mounts to gear tracks
  • ​Low profile
  • ​Two can be used for cross-deck storage

​2: Railblaza Quikgrip Paddle Grip

Railblaza Quikgrip Paddle Grip
  • ​Height: 3 inches
  • ​Track mount ready: Yes

This Railblaza Quikgrip paddle grip is designed to hold paddles with standard sized shafts between 1 ⅛ inches and 1 ⅜ inches.

It can be mounted directly onto the gear tracks on your kayak, so you shouldn’t need to drill into your boat to install it. However, if you don’t already have gear tracks you will probably need to purchase them separately.

The paddle holder where your paddle sits is 2 ¾ inches long so that it can grip your paddle without needing a second holder.

The mount also features a mini mounting point so that you can attach additional accessories, such as a camera or phone holder.


  • ​Gear track compatible
  • ​Additional/optional mounting area
  • ​For standard sized paddles

​3: Yakclips Patented Clip-On Removable Kayak Paddle Holder

Yakclips Patented Clip-On Removable Kayak Paddle Holder
  • ​Height: 2.5 inches
  • ​Track mount ready: No

This Yakclips Clip-On paddle holder can be ideal for sit-inside kayaks, as it is designed to clip on to the rim of your cockpit. This means it can be easily installed but also easily removed, allowing you to use it on different kayaks when you need to.

This paddle holder also benefits from having two further clip holders that are ⅜ inches wide, one on either side of the paddle holder clip. This can let you hold other items, such as fishing rods or other gear.


  • ​Clip-on
  • ​Convenient size
  • ​Additional clips

​4: Sea-Lect Designs Performance Paddle Clip Kit (paddle clip kit)

Sea-Lect Designs Performance Paddle Clip Kit
  • ​Height: 1 inch
  • ​Track mount ready: No

This Sea-Lect Designs Performance paddle clip kit is designed to be mounted directly to your vessel. This can be ideal if you don’t have gear tracks already installed on your boat or you’re looking for a more permanent paddle holding solution.

The kit comes complete with all the hardware that you need to install it yourself, but you will likely require a drill and other tools to secure it to your kayak.

It has a low profile so it shouldn’t interfere with your paddling. It also features attachment points for your paddle leash.


  • ​Installs directly on kayak
  • ​Includes mounting hardware
  • ​Leash attachment points

​5: Shoreline Marine Propel Kayak Paddle Clips (best budget)

Shoreline Marine Propel Kayak Paddle Clips
  • ​Height: 1.5 inches
  • ​Track mount ready: No

The Shoreline Marine Propel paddle clips are built to be installed directly onto your kayak, so they are not suitable for using with gear tracks. There are two rubber clips that are designed to hold standard paddles and be used on a range of vessels.

The clips come with mounting hardware for easy installation, but it will likely require you to drill into your kayak. Each clip is made from a flexible grip rubber, so that your paddle can slot into each clip to hold it in place on your deck.

The two clips can be positioned along the side of your boat and you can customize the distance between each clip to suit your paddle length or your personal preference.


  • ​Mounts directly to kayak
  • ​Rubber clips
  • ​Comes with hardware

​Why Use A Paddle Holder


A paddle holder can be a useful accessory to have, especially on your fishing kayak. When you’re fishing, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to hold onto your paddle at all times, particularly when you’re wrestling with a fish on the end of your line.

This is where a paddle holder can come in handy, as it can give you somewhere secure to store your paddle while you tend to your fish. This can reduce the risk of your paddle floating away while your back is turned.


Having a paddle holder installed on your kayak can help you stay safer on the water. Whether you want to jump off for a swim or take photos, a paddle holder can keep a hold of your paddle so that you can paddle back to shore safely when you’re ready to leave.


Paddle holders are not just for on the water. They can also be useful when it comes to transporting your kayak to and from the water, although they may not be suitable to hold your paddle while your kayak is on a roof rack.

With a paddle holder installed, you can keep your paddle secure while you carry your yak down to the lake, which could mean you have a spare hand to lift your kayak or carry additional gear.

You can also keep your paddle safely stored in the paddle holder while you’re not using your boat, for example when it’s in your garage, which could save you space.

​Final Words

A paddle holder can give you more freedom on the water, giving you a more secure place to keep your paddle safe when you’re not using it.

We think the best option is the YakAttack RotoGrip paddle holder because it can be easily mounted to existing gear tracks and two can be used to hold the paddle across your deck and within easy reach.

However, another great choice is the Railblaza Quikgrip paddle grip. This one also has the convenient gear track installation and can fit a variety of paddles.

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