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USA Kayak Rules And Regulations

Kayak laws, regulations and rules for the United States of America.

How To Register A Kayak In Ohio - Where, WHen and Online Tips for Registration

How To Register A Kayak In Ohio

All water vessels in the state of Ohio need to be registered by law, and that includes kayaks. However, there are a few exceptions…. and we’re going to get to…

Florida Kayak Laws And Regulations

Florida Kayak Laws And Regulations

Florida can be a water enthusiast’s paradise, with countless lakes, miles of coastline both on the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, as well as the vast network of intracoastal waterways….

Illinois Kayak Laws And Regulations

Illinois Kayak Laws And Regulations

The Prairie State is filled with prime boating locations, including access to Lake Michigan and the famous Mississippi River. There are plenty of beautiful lakes and rivers to explore but it can…

Virginia Kayak Laws & Regulations

Virginia Kayak Laws And Regulations

Virginia is home to beautiful scenery, relaxing water trails and an abundance of wildlife, making it an excellent place for a paddling adventure. But before you go, you might want…

Indiana Kayaking laws and registration rules

Indiana Kayak Laws And Registration

Indiana is filled with kayaking opportunities, from scenic rivers to beautiful lakes, with something for every level. But before you head off for a paddling adventure, you might be wondering…

Michigan Kayak Laws & Regulations

Michigan Kayak Laws And Regulations

With four of the five Great Lakes on its doorstep, as well as numerous rivers, Michigan can make for an ideal paddling location. But there are some safety laws that you…

Oregon Kayak Laws & Regulations

Oregon Kayak Laws And Regulations

Oregon can be an ideal place for kayaking and boating, with lakes, rivers and a scenic coastline. But what about the Oregon kayak laws that you need to know about?…

Missouri Kayak Laws & Regulations

Missouri Kayak Laws And Regulations

With famous rivers and natural beauty, the Show-Me State can be ideal for on-the-water adventures. But before you head out it can be useful to learn about some of the…

Oklahoma Kayak Laws & Regulations

Oklahoma Kayak Laws And Regulations

There are plenty of great lakes and rivers in Oklahoma that can be perfect paddling locations. But staying on the right side of the law can mean a safer trip…