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Read our kayak and fishing destination guides across the world.

Kayak Destinations

Find out where the best kayaking destinations are.

From the Great Lakes of the U.S. through to the most amazing rivers across Europe and Australasia.

Fishing Destinations

Here we look at the best fishing places across the globe.

We focus mostly on the U.S. but there a few other fishing gems across the world that are not to be missed!

Florida Bass Lakes - The best ones to catch more

Best Bass Fishing In Florida

With its miles of coastline, thousands of miles of rivers and thousands of lakes, Florida is known as the ‘fishing capital of the world’. As well as being a great place…

Fishing In California - The best places to visit

Top Places To Fish In California

With a diverse landscape, a Mediterranean climate, beautiful rivers and lakes, spectacular scenery and plenty of access to the Pacific Ocean, California has a lot to offer when it comes…

Best Fishing Places AZ

Top Places To Fish In Arizona

When it comes to fishing in Arizona it can be difficult to narrow down a good location, especially if you have a particular species in mind that you’d like to…

Places To Go Bowfishing In The US

Places To Go Bowfishing In The U.S.

If you love fishing but you want to step it up a gear then bowfishing might just be the sport for you. By combining the ancient sport of archery with fishing, bowfishing…

Santa Fe Dam Fishing Guide

Santa Fe Dam Fishing Guide

Finding a relaxing place to fish close to Los Angeles may not always be easy. But at the Santa Fe Dam, you might just find the natural surroundings and good…

Guide To Fishing At Carlsbad Lagoon

Guide To Fishing At Carlsbad Lagoon

With the Pacific Ocean right next door and over 300 acres of calm water, Carlsbad Lagoon can be a great spot for a variety of watersports and a fantastic place…

Boerne City Lake Fishing Guide, Texas

Boerne City Lake, TX – Fishing Guide

Being a little over 30 minutes from downtown San Antonio, Boerne City is pretty easily accessible. And with the expansive Boerne City Lake Park offering plenty of water for fishing,…

Guide To Texas Kayak Laws and regulations (small boats and canoes)

Guide To Texas Kayak Laws

If you’re planning to kayak in Texas, it’s important that you are aware of the state laws and what might legally be required while you’re on the water. While there…

Wachusett Reservoir, Massachusetts Fishing Guide

Wachusett Reservoir, Massachusetts Fishing Guide

With the Wachusett Reservoir being the second largest freshwater lake in Massachusetts, you’re probably wondering what the fishing is like there? Being around a 20 minute drive north of Worcester, MA and…