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Kayak Fishing Theory

How to prepare for kayak fishing right through to tips and skills to catch bigger fish - and more of them!

Black fish finder on table

Are Fish Finders Waterproof? (Well, Mostly!)

If you’ve ever been fishing on a kayak or in the rain, you’ve probably asked yourself, are fish finders waterproof? While there is not a definitive answer to that question…

Man on inflatable fishing kayak holding rod and catching fish with net

Storing Fish On Kayak

Ah, the thrill of the catch! But what happens next? You don’t want your fresh fish to go to waste, especially after a long and successful kayak fishing trip! Don’t…

YakGear Fish Stik Folding Fish Ruler

Bump Boards For Fishing Explained

Maybe you’ve been wondering what a bump board fishing tool is and why some kayak anglers use them. Bump boards can be useful tools for measuring fish quickly and easily….

How To Make Money Fishing

How To Make Money From Fishing

We all know how much you love to fish and if you’re pretty good at it you can make quite a catch. But can you make money from it? Where…

Bass Fishing After Heavy Rain Storms

Bass Fishing After Heavy Rain Storms

​​Fishing for bass after a rain storm can be both good and bad. There are various factors that can come into play, depending on the type of conditions you have…

Catching Bass In Ponds - The Right Way

Catching Bass In Ponds – The Right Way

​Bass fishing in ponds can sometimes be a little different, especially if you’re used to fishing in large lakes or rivers. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be equally rewarding….

Top Tips For Deep Water Bass Fishing

Top Tips For Deep Water Bass Fishing

Deep water bass fishing can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, especially if you don’t have much experience. You might just need to change up your tactics in order…