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Sea Kayaks

Read our in-depth guides for sea and ocean kayaks.

Guide to Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking – The Complete Guide

With oceans covering most of the Earth’s surface, it’s no surprise that you want to get out there and explore it.  The rhythmic splash of your paddle, the thrill of…

Best Sea Kayak In Australia

Best Sea Kayak In Australia – Gliding The Surf

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Australia’s coastline like never before with a sea kayak adventure. With crystal-clear waters and stunning landscapes, kayaking is a must-do experience for any outdoor enthusiast….

How to Guide on Surfing With Your Kayak

Guide To Surfing With Your Kayak

If you’re thinking about getting involved in surf kayaking, you’re probably wondering how to choose a surf kayak. Will you need any specific features or can you surf with your…