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Whitewater Kayaks

Guides on choosing the right whitewater kayak and all about how to paddle in fast rapids (Class I - VI).

Perception Dancer Kayak

Perception Dancer Kayak Review

The Perception Dancer kayak was a popular surf and whitewater kayak back in its heyday (thought to be the most popular whitewater kayak ever at the time). But it was…

Best Whitewater Kayak

Best Whitewater Kayak

Running rapids can be a lot of fun. But finding the right boat can be another story. As you’ll probably know, there are many different whitewater kayaks out there, all…

Best Inflatable Kayaks (And Rafts) For Whitewater

Best Inflatable Kayaks For Whitewater

Unleash your inner adventurer with this expert guide to top-quality inflatable whitewater kayaks! These incredible vessels pair convenience with capability, serving up wild rides on heart-pounding rapids and hassle-free portage…