Kayak Fishing Theory

How to prepare for kayak fishing right through to tips and skills to catch bigger fish - and more of them!

Tips on the best ways to store fresh fish (and keep fresh)

How To Store Fresh Fish

If you’ve had a successful day of fishing and you’ve managed to catch something tasty for dinner, you may now be wondering how to store a fish until you’re able to…

How To Get A Fishy Smell Out Of Clothes

How To Get A Fishy Smell Out Of Clothes

You’ve come home to relax after a long day of fishing but it’s not just your memories that you’ve brought back. An unwelcome aroma has followed you home and you want it…

What Is Magnet Fishing? Our Full Guide (from land and kayaks)

What Is Magnet Fishing? Our Full Guide

Magnet fishing seems to be becoming an increasingly popular pastime, particularly in the US and the UK. But what exactly is it? To give you a better understanding of what…

Inshore vs Offshore Fishing

Inshore vs Offshore Fishing

Whether you’re looking to catch big game fish or a range of saltwater fish, you will probably be wondering whether offshore or inshore fishing is right for you. But what’s…

Catch Fish with Finger Mullet - Redfish Bluefish Flounder

Go Fishing With Finger Mullet

Fishing with finger mullet can be relatively easy and make for a pretty lucrative fishing trip. There are plenty of fish that will eat finger mullet and they can be…

Kayak Crabbing

Kayak Crabbing – What You Need To Know

Crabbing can be a fantastic way to spend some time on the water. Whether you’re fishing for other seafood or you simply want to enjoy the water, crabbing from your…