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Bass Fishing

Learn all about bass fishing here. We have knowledge on how to catch bass, where to find bass and the gear you need to haul largemouth and smallmouth bass - and everything in between.

Frog fishing for bass - Topwater style

How To Frog Fish For Bass

Frog fishing for bass can add an extra element of excitement to your fishing trip and can let you catch plenty of fish, if you know you how to do…

Hook More Bass With Inline Spinners

Hook More Bass With Inline Spinners

You may or may not have heard of using inline spinners for bass since they appear to have lost their attraction over the years with the availability of more modern…

Bass spawn - where does it happen?

When Do Bass Spawn?

Knowing when bass spawn can mean you have a better chance of reeling in a fish, since this information should help you to know where to locate them at a…

Fishing tips for catching bass in the Fall

Fall Bass Fishing Tips

In order to make the most of your bass fishing trip, you may want to think about the time of year you plan to fish, as there can be different methods depending…

Winter Bass Fishing Tips

Winter Bass Fishing Tips

When you think of bass fishing you may think of warm weather but just because the temperatures start to drop doesn’t mean you can’t fish for bass. But you might…

The Best Fishing Lines for Bass

Best Fishing Line For Bass

When you want to have a successful day of bass fishing, you may want to think about more than just the weather or the time of year. The gear you…

Early Spring Bass Fishing Tips

Early Spring Bass Fishing Tips

Spring can be a great time for bass fishing but first you have to know where to find them. Locating bass during the spring can be difficult, as their location…

The Best Spinning Reels For Bass Fishing - our buyer's guide

Best Spinning Reel For Bass

You’ve probably discovered that there are lots of different options when it comes to spinning reels, which can make it difficult to choose one. What size will you need? And…

The Best Lures For Bass Fishing available to buy

Best Lures For Bass Fishing

Bass fishing can be exciting at any time of year but you might find your success will often depend on the type of lure you use. Different times of year…