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Hook More Bass With Inline Spinners

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You may or may not have heard of using inline spinners for bass since they appear to have lost their attraction over the years with the availability of more modern types of lures. But the inline spinner may still produce a lot of bass.

So what exactly is it and how do you use one? To give you a better idea, we’ve put this short guide together so you can learn more and decide if an inline spinner might be the next lure you want to use for bass.

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What Is An Inline Spinner?

An inline spinner is a type of spinnerbait that has been used for several decades to catch a range of fish, including trout and pike, as well as bass.

Like a spinnerbait, the lure features a blade that spins under the water to create vibrations and flash. But with an inline spinner, the blade is attached to the main body of the lure which features a treble hook trailer.

Video: Inline Spinner – In Action

The main body of an inline spinner tends to be weighted and comes in different weights to suit the varying depths of water they can be fished in.

The trailers can also be modified by adding skirts or creatures to create a more appealing looking lure to attract bass.

A Typical Inline Spinner…

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How To Use Inline Spinners For Bass Fishing

Finesse Presentations

The inline spinner may be considered more of a finesse fishing lure and can be useful when bass have maybe become used to other anglers throwing spinnerbaits. The smaller profile of the inline spinner can attract bass and encourage a reaction strike.

This can be unlike regular spinnerbaits, which will usually not be considered finesse tackle. Regular spinnerbaits can often appear too unnatural for finesse fishing and can be too loud.

But with the smaller profile of the inline spinner you may find you have just the right amount of flash and movement to trigger a strike.

Where To Use Them

Inline spinners can be used to catch bass in a range of conditions. They can be fished in the shallows, around woods and cover but can also be fished in open water, making them a pretty versatile lure option.

They can be used in both lakes and rivers and can be ideal for both largemouth and smallmouth bass, as well as many other fish species.

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Video: Inline Spinners For Smallmouth Bass Fishing

When To Use Them

Spring can be a good time to use inline spinners, and any time that bass will likely be feeding on shad and minnows, as the smaller profile of the inline spinner can often resemble these smaller fish.

Summer can also be ideal, especially when there are lots of other anglers on the water, as the inline spinner can be just different enough to trigger a bite.

You can also use inline spinners in the fall, as this can be when you find minnows schooling in the lake and also when bass will tend to be actively feeding.

When bass are feeding on crawfish you may want to try attaching a crawfish or creature trailer to the spinner and fishing along ledges or rocky bottoms where you would naturally find crawfish.

Video: Inline Spinners For Largemouth Bass

Reel Them In

When you’re using an inline spinner lure it can be important to move it through the water so that the blade can be allowed to spin, otherwise it may not work in the way you hoped. This means you will need to retrieve it to make it move under the water.

After you’ve cast your line, it can be a good idea to allow the lure to fall to the bottom before you start reeling it in. Gently twitching your rod before you start to retrieve can help to create momentum on the blade.

Video: Spinner Fishing Tips

Because you are technically in control of the movement of the lure, it can give you the freedom to fish it as fast or as slow as you require.

It may be better to fish the spinner faster in open water and then slow it down a little if you’re working in the shallows or around cover.

Finishing Off

Inline spinners may have been forgotten about by some anglers but these lures can actually catch bass in a range of environments. Their small finesse style appearance can mean they have added versatility and can be fished in a range of seasons and even for a variety of fish, not only bass.

Have you had any success using inline spinners for bass fishing? We’d love to hear about it. And maybe you could encourage your fellow anglers to try out this versatile little lure; simply share this guide.

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