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Kayak Theory – Learn About Kayaking

Everything you wanted to know about kayaking.
How-to guides, paddling tips, kayak maintenance and general questions and answers based around all things kayaking.

Strokes and Technique

Strokes and techniques for beginners to advanced kayakers.

Learn how to paddle your kayak with different techniques and styles from calm waters though to Class VI rapids.

Transportation Theory

Learn about kayak transportation theory by manually carrying your kayak, shipping a kayak or moving your boat without a rack.

Kayak Maintenance

Look after and maintain your kayak properly so that it lasts longer.

Learn about paint and wax to protect a kayak hull from harmful UV rays that come from the sun and repair holes that may have been caused by damage from your last kayaking adventure.


Kayak safety is very important.

Learn what to do (and what NOT to do) when paddling a kayak. There are certain rules that are recommended to be followed to keep you safe in dangerous waters and unpredictable weather.

How Should You Pass A Fishing Boat?

How Should You Pass A Fishing Boat?

​Whether you’re new to boating or you’re in a need of a refresh of the rules, knowing how to pass a fishing boat can be an important rule to remember….

Guide to The Classification Of Rapids

Guide To The Classification Of Rapids

Finding out what the conditions will be like before you set out on a paddling trip is an important part of your kayaking preparations. Knowing the water that you’re heading into…

6 Sun Protection Tips For Outdoor Sports - Avoid Sunburn

6 Sun Protection Tips For Outdoor Sports

We have all heard about the damaging effects that the sun can have on our skin, which is why it’s important to think about sun protection before you head outside….

How To Roll A Kayak (Eskimo Roll, C-to-C, Sweep)

How To Roll A Kayak (the right way!)

Rolling a kayak (also known as an Eskimo Roll) can be a tricky skill to master but it can also be a pretty useful one if you find yourself capsized in a sit-inside…

Can I Paddle A Kayak Or Canoe While Pregnant?

Can I Paddle A Kayak Or Canoe While Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a transformative time, but it doesn’t always mean giving up your favorite activities. The important question is, can you kayak while pregnant?  In this article, I’ll delve into…

Anyone For Snow Kayaking?

Anyone For Snow Kayaking?

The real action starts at 2:00 mins Sick of paddling on water? Then why not try the frozen variety?  Yup, snow kayaking is taking off, and this video showcases why…

apps for kayaking

Guide To Kayaking Apps For Paddling

Immerse yourself in a digital world that’s not just about scrolling through social feeds or managing bank accounts. Today, we explore a realm where the virtual meets the visceral: the…