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Anyone For Snow Kayaking?

Mark Armstrong
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The real action starts at 2:00 mins

Sick of paddling on water? Then why not try the frozen variety? 

Yup, snow kayaking is taking off, and this video showcases why it’s so awesome.

Spanish kayaker, Mikel Sarasola, took to the Pyrenees slopes because he just couldn’t wait for all the snow to melt away and kayak the good old fashioned way!

Watch as he gathers momentum, passes skiers and hits speeds up to 72 kph.

You’ll even see him literally jump through a hoop…no easy feat in a kayak skidding down a  ski slope! 

Thing is, what does this mean for the slopes if this sport really takes off? Are we going to see lines of kayaks for the ski lifts? Don’t think the skiers are gonna be too happy about that!

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