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Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Review

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The Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite is designed as a hybrid kayak, combining features of both a folding frame kayak and an inflatable. It comes with a drop stitch floor, a high back seat, a repair kit and a duffel bag for easy carrying.

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  • Length: 13 foot
  • Width: 32 inches
  • Weight: 42 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 450 pounds

This craft is built to offer a similar level of performance as a touring kayak but can be much easier to transport and store than a standard touring vessel. It has a spacious cockpit and can be ideal for larger paddlers looking for a stable vessel for flatwater paddling.

Before You Buy An Expedition Elite

The AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite is designed as a day touring and expedition touring kayak and offers many similar features that you would expect to find on a standard hard shell kayak, such as storage options and a high back seat.

This is a stable sit-inside craft that can be ideal for exploring calm lakes and slow moving rivers. It can be easily transported in small cars, eliminating the need to install a roof rack or a trailer.

Video: Morning Paddle With Expedition Elite Kayak Ae1009-xe

It can also be carried on your back so you can hike into more remote areas that you might not be able to access by vehicle.

The Expedition Elite has good storage options on board so you can load it with gear for a long day on the water or a multi-day excursion.

This could be a good choice of craft if you’re a taller paddler, as it has a spacious cockpit with adequate leg room for paddlers over 6 foot 2.

While this is a touring kayak, it is inflatable and may not offer the level of speed and performance as a similar sized hard shell kayak. But it can be great if you’re looking for a portable yak that’s convenient for travel.

Main Features Of The AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite


One of the main features of this vessel is that it can be easily loaded into the trunk of your car so you can take it on adventures wherever you go. It can be packed down into an included heavy duty duffel bag and measures just 31 x 16 x 10 inches, making it suitable for storing in a closet at home.

The duffel bag includes shoulder straps so you can wear it as a backpack if you want to carry it more easily. However, at 42 pounds, you may not want to carry it too far.

On Board Storage

The Expedition Elite has a generous weight capacity of 450 pounds, which should mean you can carry everything you need with you for a couple of days away. You should also find you have plenty of room to store it.

A great feature of this inflatable yak is the storage compartment in the stern. This hatch has a roll top closure and can be ideal for keeping some of your gear safe below deck.

You’ll also find bungee rigging at the bow for additional gear and D-rings for attachment points.

Improved Tracking

A useful feature on this craft is the tracking fin under the hull. This can combine with the aluminum frame at the bow and stern to improve the tracking performance, so you can paddle more effectively in the right direction.

The drop stitch floor can also improve the tracking, speed and performance as it can create a more rigid hull.

The 13 foot length of the kayak can also help with on-the-water performance and could make it feel a little quicker on flatwater than some shorter inflatables.

Cockpit Comfort

The cockpit is designed for increased comfort for longer distance paddling. It features an adjustable seat with a high seat back with lumbar support. The cockpit measures 30 by 17.5 inches and can feel spacious but secure.

The length of the kayak means there is additional space for your legs, which can make it more comfortable, particularly if you’re taller. The cockpit is designed to fit paddlers up to 6 foot 8.

To help you stabilize yourself in the craft and add to your comfort, there’s also an adjustable foot brace.

At the side of the cockpit you’ll find neoprene paddle guards to help protect your knuckles while you’re paddling.

If you want to paddle in colder conditions, this yak has inflatable coaming around the cockpit so you can even attach a standard spray skirt if you choose (sold separately).

The Expedition Elite can be great for exploring peaceful rivers. Others think so too:

Expedition Elite Alternatives

Aquaglide Chelan 155 HB XL

The Aquaglide Chelan 155 HB XL is an inflatable tandem kayak that can also be paddled solo. It has a 15 foot hull when inflated and could be a good alternative if you’re looking for additional storage space.

It has a high 600 pounds capacity and comes with two seats and a child seat. It also features a retractable skeg.

Advanced Elements AirFusion EVO

Advanced Elements AirFusion EVOPin

If you’re looking for something that might be a little quicker on the water, the Advanced Elements AirFusion EVO could be a good alternative. This 13 foot inflatable yak is lighter than the Expedition Elite but also has a reduced weight capacity.

It benefits from having a storage hatch, as well as bungee deck rigging. It also has an aluminum keel beam and V-shaped hull for increased paddling efficiency and tracking.

Star Raven II Tandem

The Star Raven II is a 12 foot 2 inch inflatable kayak that can be ideal for either one or two paddlers. It has a durable drop stitch floor for increased rigidity and performance and also benefits from having added rocker at the bow and stern.

This stable boat could be ideal for a multi-day trip on a slow moving river but it can also handle whitewater. It comes with a pump included.

In Conclusion

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Expedition ElitePin


  • Easy to transport
  • Drop stitch floor
  • Storage hatch
  • Spray skirt compatible


  • May be slower than a traditional kayak
  • Not particularly lightweight

The Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite can be a great sit-inside craft if you want to be able to head off on a multi-day adventure at a moment’s notice. This portable yak can be easily stored at home, packed into your trunk and carried to the lake.

It has good storage, including a hatch and can be ideal for tall paddlers looking for extra leg room.

Click here to check it out for yourself and let us know your thoughts on it in the comments. Feel free to share this review if you found it useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Floor Inflate?

Yes, it is a drop stitch floor that inflates to create a more rigid surface than a standard inflatable floor.

Can I Use A Spray Skirt?

Yes, you can use a standard spray skirt with this craft.

Is There A Skeg Included?

There is a tracking fin under the hull which can act as a skeg.

Do I Have To Buy A Pump Separately To Inflate?

Yes, you will have to purchase a pump separately, as there is no pump included.

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