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Advanced Elements AE1012-R AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak Review

Mark Armstrong
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The Advanced Elements AE1012-R AdvancedFrame inflatable kayak combines an aluminum ribbed frame, with an inflatable.

This hybrid design makes a big difference to tracking and it makes this kayak feel like a hard shell in how it glides through the water.

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It’s a solo inflatable kayak that is a little tougher than you might think. Capable of comfortably handling Class II rivers as well as packing up into a duffel bag that is so light, even young kids can easily carry it around.

It has a few other cool features too…

Advanced Elements AE1012-R AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak Features

Here’s a list of the more important features this Advanced Elements kayak has up its sleeve…

Extra Tough Material

With 3 layers of material, this Advanced Elements AE1012-R inflatable kayak is extra-durable and designed to be resistance against punctures.

It is great for lakes, the sea coastline and is tough enough for Class II rivers.

Aluminum Pre-Built Frame

The frame is pre-assembled in the factory, so setting up is simple. Just unfold from the bag and inflate, then all you need to do is attach the seat..and off you go!

This yak folds up to be very compact (30″ X 17″ X 10″) in total, and it weighs only 36 pounds. Don’t think that because it folds up small and is lightweight that it can’t carry heavy loads! It can in fact carry up to 300lbs, so it will carry you and a whole lot of supplies.

The stern works like a skeg (tracker) for increased balance when moving.

Padded Adjustable Seats

The seats are padded and have back supports, so you can paddle in comfort for hours on end. It also folds away saving space.


There is a storage area located behind the seat. This can be accessed by removing the seat, or by a zipper located on the stern end. There are also elastic straps, directly above this area, to hold items down, should that be required.

Keep Dry

This Sit-in Kayak has a coaming area, which helps deflect and water that rises above the sides. You can also attach a spray skirt (sold separately) to really help stop excess water leaking in.


The AE1012-R includes a repair kit, folding seat, carrying duffel bag and an owner’s manual.

Kayak Specs

  • Length – 10.5 Feet
  • Width – 32 Inches
  • Weight – 36 Pounds
  • Max Weight Capacity – 300 Pounds



This kayak is easy to set up, handles well and is very comfortable, as reported by buyers.

A very good choice for someone looking to buy their first kayak.

With practice, it’s possible to assemble this inflatable in under 10 minutes.


While it’s great for relatively fast flowing rivers, it isn’t great for the choppy waters that paddlers may encounter out at sea.

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  1. The price shown on this website shows an Advanced Elements AE1012-R at $402.26. When I click through to Amazon, the price is $499. Why?


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