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Aquaglide Inflatable Kayaks Review

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Aquaglide inflatable kayaks can be ideal if you want a convenient vessel that’s easy to pack in the trunk of your car and just as easy to store at home in your closet.

The brand offers several ranges of kayaks, each designed to suit a specific type of paddler, for example a beginner looking for a stable starter yak or an angler looking for fishing features.

We’ve checked out the kayaks and picked out our favorites so you can get a better idea of who they’re for.

Aquaglide Chinook

The Aquaglide Chinook range can be great for beginners. As well as the 10 foot Chinook 100, it’s also available in a 9 foot single paddler model and a 12 foot tandem version that are ideal for recreational paddling.

  • Length: 10 foot
  • Width: 37 inches
  • Weight: 23 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds


This boat can be a great option for fishing, as it comes complete with two rod holders, conveniently located at the back of the boat. There are also pockets in the seats so that you can keep smaller items, such as lures and line, within reach.

There is also some additional cargo space at the bow and stern that can be ideal for fishing gear or even camping gear. The bow and stern covers can provide a little protection as well as give you additional storage space on top, making use of the bungee rigging.

Flatwater Paddling

The hull is built for stability on flatwater, which can be great for fishing trips. The yak can also be ideal for beginners as it has a spacious open deck that can make getting in and out a little easier.

The craft is also durable, made from puncture resistant 600 denier ripstop polyester, which can be beneficial for beginners in case of any knocks or bumps.

It can be best paddled on flatwater, such as lakes and slow moving rivers and features a quick-release fin under the hull to help with tracking performance.

Aquaglide Chelan

The Aquaglide Chelan comes in three sizes. As well as the 15 foot Chelan 155, there is also a shorter 14 foot tandem version and a 12 foot solo version – known as the Chelan 120, which was the runner-up in our best solo inflatable kayak list.

The Chelan 155 is a tandem inflatable kayak that is designed to offer speed and performance on flatwater. It can be ideal for family camping trips and there is even space for a third passenger, either a child or a pet.

  • Length:15 foot
  • Width: 36 inches
  • Weight: 41 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 600 pounds


The Chelan can be a great boat for touring. It features two air cushion seats with high backs for improved lumbar support on longer journeys, as well as two footrests. It also comes with an inflatable child seat so your third passenger can travel in comfort too.

The drop stitch floor can also create a more rigid feel that can be more reassuring for dogs to stand on.

With a capacity of 600 pounds and plenty of room in the 15 foot hull, you should be able to load it up with enough gear for a couple of nights away. There is covered storage at the bow and stern, as well as bungee rigging on both covers, giving you extra space for gear.


A handy feature of this craft is the fin that can help with tracking. It is designed to offer efficient paddling on flatwater, with a narrow bow to help cut through water quickly and a rigid drop stitch floor that can help improve speed. It’s also rated for up to Class II rapids, so could be a good choice for river camping trips.

Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler

The Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler comes in two versions, an 11 foot version and this 12 foot 8 inch version. The range is designed to make it easier for anglers to get out on the water.

Blackfoot Chelan 125 AnglerPin
  • Length: 12 foot 8 inches
  • Width: 39 inches
  • Weight: 38 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 600 pounds

Room For Gear

The Chelan 125 Angler has a generous weight capacity which can make it an ideal craft for larger solo paddlers. Being 12 foot 8 inches long, you should find there’s also enough room to accommodate longer legs.

This yak comes with a cooler that can be used for storage and it also benefits from having four rod holders built into it. There is plenty of room behind the seat (which also has two rod holders) for the cooler plus additional gear and there is a covered storage area at the bow with bungee rigging for additional gear.

The boat also features seven conveniently located Scotty mounts so that you can attach other accessories.


This is a stable craft with a flat bottom for increased stability on flatwater. This can make it suitable for beginners and paddlers of all levels. The skeg underneath can help you paddle in a straight line. The boat is also rated to handle up to Class II rapids.

The Blackfoot and the Chelan appear on our inflatable angler kayak guide.

Aquaglide Deschutes

The Aquaglide Deschutes range is built to offer increased performance for more experienced paddlers. The kayaks can be great for touring, with storage space and improved features for comfort and paddling efficiency. It comes in a 14 foot 6 inch tandem, an 11 foot solo version and this 13 foot solo version.

Aquaglide Deschutes 130Pin
  • Length: 13 foot
  • Width: 39 inches
  • Weight: 21 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds

Touring Performance

The Deschutes 130 is an inflatable touring kayak designed for a single paddler. The hull narrows at the bow and stern to enhance performance and make it easier to cut through water.

It can be ideal for extended trips on rivers and lakes, or coastal bays. The tracking fin can help you maintain your course and the EVA covered floor helps to increase rigidity for improved speeds. This is a lightweight boat that can be carried on your back in the included backpack-style storage bag.

The seat is also designed to be lightweight and comfortable, with a padded seat cushion and a breathable high seatback for improved support.

Space For Gear

The Deshcutes has a high capacity, which can allow you to take enough gear for an overnight trip or even a week away. The splash guards at the bow and stern help to provide some covered storage as well as helping to keep water out of your boat.

The splash guards also have the extra benefit of having bungee rigging, so you can secure additional items and dry bags to the top of your deck.

About Aquaglide Kayaks

Aquaglide is based in Bend, Oregon and they design and make various inflatable products, including kayaks, stand up paddle boards and inflatable play parks.

Aquaglide kayaks are made using durable materials that are designed to resist punctures. They offer a range of kayaks, including both sit-on-tops and sit-insides but most of their vessels do not come with pumps included, with many of them requiring a 12 volt electric pump for inflation.

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Some of the inflatable kayaks can be expensive compared to other inflatables, for example if they have additional features for fishing or improved performance materials.

These inflatable kayaks can be easy to put together when you get to the water and can be easy to fold up for storage once you let it completely dry.

Video: Assemble And Store An Aquaglide Inflatable Kayak

Final Thoughts

Aquaglide inflatable kayaks can be easier to take to the water than hard shell equivalent boats and can be much more convenient if you live in a smaller home. There are various options available depending on your skills and your performance requirements, so you could find there’s one that’s just what you’re after.

Let us know what you think of some of these boats and remember to share this if you think it could help any of your buddies to choose their next kayak.

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  1. The Chinook 120 looked great on paper. And it started out ok, with Boston valves on the side tubes (gunwales) for easy inflation. But the floor uses a mini-Boston valve which requires that one person hold the pump adapter inside the valve while the other person works the pump. That’s just bad design. Epic kayak fail. It’s going back.


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