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Gifts That Bass Fishing Fanatics Will Love

Mark Armstrong
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If you know that someone is an avid bass angler, finding the right gift for them can be easy when you know what to look for. But knowing what to look for might be another story.

We have put together a quick guide with some of our favorite bass fishing gifts so you can narrow down your search and find a great gift that your bass fisher will appreciate.

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10 Bass Fishing Gifts (They’ll Love These)

1. Absolute Outdoors Onyx M-24 Manual Inflatable Vest (Safety First!)

A Personal Flotation Device (PFD) can be an important fishing accessory and even more so if you’re on a boat or kayak (low intensity kayaking). This Absolute Outdoors Onyx Manual inflatable vest can be ideal for fishing and kayaking because it is low profile, which means your movement shouldn’t be restricted too much.

This is a manual PFD so you can inflate it when necessary by pulling on the tab, making it more convenient when you’re fishing and don’t want the added bulk when you don’t need it. It’s a Type V US Coast Guard approved PFD with Type III performance. It features neoprene at the neck and adjustable straps for a secure fit.

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2. Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 110 Angler Kayak (Money Is No Object!)

This Vibe Sea Ghost 110 kayak could be the perfect gift for anglers, letting them get closer to the fishing action. This 11 foot kayak is a stable craft that features plenty of storage for fishing gear, a rudder system for improved performance, a comfortable dual position seat and built-in rod holders.

It also benefits from having gear tracks built in, so you can attach additional accessories, such as a fish finder, GPS or even a camera.

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3. Wild River CLC Tackle Tek Nomad Lighted Backpack

This CLC Wild River Nomad Lighted backpack can be a great way to store all of your fishing gear in one handy bag. This backpack features a handy built-in LED light system that can be useful if you’re night fishing or fishing in dull weather.

There are plenty of pockets and pouches for storing your accessories, including a spot for your reel, your sunglasses, your tools and even your tackle trays. The bag also comes with a rain cover so you can keep your gear dry when the weather turns on you.

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4. Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod And Reel Combo

The Ugly Stik GX2 Combo can be an ideal gift for most bass anglers, letting them head to the water right away with compatible gear. This combo features a spinning rod with a spinning reel to suit the rod. It comes in a range of lengths and power options designed for bass fishing techniques.

The 6 foot medium rod could be a good all-round option, with a medium speed reel with a gear ratio of 5.5:1, able to handle a range of techniques. The rod also comes in two pieces, which can make it easier to transport and store.

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5. KastKing Mountain Mist Fishing Gloves

These KastKing Mountain Mist fishing gloves are designed for both men and women and could be ideal for fishing in colder conditions. They feature open finger slots for the thumb and two fingers to let you tie knots and grab items out your tackle box. These can be closed over again to create a full glove.

The gloves feature non-slip palms, fleece lining, waterproof back and adjustable neoprene cuff. They also benefit from being touchscreen compatible so you can continue to use your phone without taking the gloves off.

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6. The Complete Book Of Fishing Knots, Leaders, And Lines – Lyndsey Philpott

The Complete Book of Fishing Knots, Leaders, and Lines by Lyndsey Philpott can be a great gift for any angler. It can teach you how to tie the most common types of knots, as well as some lesser known knots, with color pictures and step-by-step instructions for 50 different knots.

You can also learn how to tie leaders and lines for various types of lures and fishing techniques.

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7. Garmin Striker 4 Fish Finder

The Garmin Striker 4 fish finder features a transducer, 3.5 inch color screen and GPS. This can be a great gift for bass anglers, as it can let them find fish, mark waypoints, pinpoint underwater structure and find their way back home and to favorite fishing holes. It can also display speed.

Other Garmin Fish FInders

This fish finder features CHIRP technology which is designed to improve the clarity of the sonar images for target separation and underwater contours. It can be an ideal choice for mounting on a kayak or canoe, or using for ice fishing, as it’s a portable size.

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8. KastKing Cutthroat 7 Inch Fishing Pliers

These KastKing Cutthroat fishing pliers can be an essential fishing accessory, ideal for removing hooks and cutting line. These pliers are designed for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, being made from corrosion resistant stainless steel with a Teflon coating for added protection.

The pliers also feature tungsten carbide cutters designed to cut through all types of fishing line, as well as multi-function jaws for helping to tie knots or secure a split shot weight.

They feature a non-slip rubber handle and they come with a protective sheath. There is also a handy lanyard so you can attach them to your gear bag or clothing to keep them within reach.

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9. RUNCL Digital Fishing Scale

The RUNCL Digital Fishing Scale can be a great gift for bass anglers. This handy little scale lets you weigh your catch and displays the weight in kilograms, pounds and ounces. It can weigh fish up to 110 pounds so it can be an ideal size for freshwater species.

The digital scale is handheld and can easily fit in your fishing bag. It also features a 63 inch tape measure built into the scale, so you can quickly measure your catch before or after you weigh it.

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10. Zoom Ultra-Vibe Speed Craw

The Zoom Ultra-Vibe Speed Craw can be ideal for any bass angler’s tackle box. These crawfish lures are designed to look like real crawfish and come in a range of colors to match your local lake’s crawfish.

These soft plastic lures can be rigged on their own or used as trailers on jigs. They are made with a salt mixture that’s designed to make bass hold on to it for longer, giving you time to set the hook.

These lures can be great for year round bass fishing and particularly when bass are actively feeding on crawfish during the spring.

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Gone Fishin’

Anyone who loves bass fishing will probably love a gift that can help them catch more fish or improve their chances, and hopefully our favorite gifts will do just that.

What’s the best fishing gift you’ve ever received? Or what gift are you hoping to buy your bass angler? Leave us a comment to tell us about it. Don’t forget to share this to help others find great fishing gifts for their loved ones.

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