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Best Duck Hunting Kayak (The Definitive List)

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The best duck hunting kayak will usually have enough space for your gear, a disguised shell, and a stable hull. But there are some other features that can be useful.

We’ve put together a guide with some of our top picks for hunting waterfowl whether you’re heading out to the ocean or to your local lakes and rivers.

Quick Picks:

Top 17 Best Duck Hunting Kayaks Reviewed

1: Wilderness Systems ATAK 120 (best overall)

Wilderness Systems ATAK 120Pin
  • Length: 12 foot 3 inches
  • Width: 35 inches
  • Weight: 86 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds

This Wilderness Systems ATAK 120 is one of the best kayaks for duck hunting and fishing with its camouflage design, and is ideal for long days on the water. It’s the more compact version of the award-winning ATAK 140 and is crafted to offer improved maneuverability both on the water and on land.

With its elevated AirPro Max seating system, this can be a comfortable kayak, offering a better vantage point for hunting waterfowl.

One of the best features of this durable kayak is the incredible stability. The deck is designed to maximize standing space, and there’s a stand-assist strap to help you get on your feet. Another great feature is the increased rocker so you can handle moving water.

This is a spacious boat, with excellent storage space for hunting gear, including a covered storage well at the bow and cargo deck at the stern. You’ll also find SlideTrax rails at the front, middle, and back so you can attach accessories in the most suitable places.


  • Very stable
  • Standing deck
  • Spacious
  • Great for all waters


  • No waterproof storage

2: BKC UH-RA220 11.5 Angler Kayak (runner up)

BKC UH-RA220 11.5 Angler KayakPin
  • Length: 11 foot 6 inches
  • Width: 34 inches
  • Weight: 68 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 550 pounds

The BKC UH-RA220 is one of the best duck hunting kayaks in terms of maneuverability, stability and features. For its size, it has an incredibly generous capacity, allowing you to bring along all the hunting equipment you should need.

One of the best things about this boat is the waterproof storage. There are three water-tight hatches to keep your gear safe and dry. You’ll also find a large cargo deck at the back with bungee rigging for additional security.

The breathable mesh seat is elevated off the deck for a drier ride and better visibility for hunting. Additionally, the kayak comes in a selection of camouflage colors so you can blend into the environment for a more stealthy approach.

There are also gear tracks for accessories, a foot-controlled rudder, and the craft is stable enough to stand up in (although the deck is not walkable).


  • Easy to paddle
  • Excellent dry storage
  • Stable hull
  • High capacity


  • Limited deck space for standing

3: BKC FK184 Solo Kayak (best value)

BKC FK184 Solo KayakPin
  • Length: 9 foot
  • Width: 32 inches
  • Weight: 44 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 330 pounds

The BKC FK184 is a 9-foot solo kayak that offers excellent value and can be an ideal starter kayak, as it comes complete with a paddle so you can get out hunting right away.

This is a compact kayak that can be easy to maneuver, even for beginners. It’s also lightweight, so it can be easier for you to carry and car-top on your own.

It comes with a memory foam padded seat with padded backrest, which can offer support on short trips. However, the seat is not elevated off the deck, so it may not be the best choice for longer hunting trips.

This BKC kayak benefits from having two waterproof storage hatches so you can keep your belongings safe and dry. There’s also a rear tank well with tie-down bungees to keep larger items secure on deck.

It has a paddle park to keep your paddle safe while you’re focused on the ducks. It also has rod holders so it can be ideal for fishing trips.


  • Great for beginners
  • Excellent value
  • Paddle included
  • Compact and stable


  • Seat is not great

4: Perception Outlaw 11.5 (best for stability)

Perception Outlaw 11.5 KayakKayakPin
  • Length: 11 foot 6 inches
  • Width: 35 inches
  • Weight: 77 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 425 pounds

This Perception Outlaw is an exceptionally stable kayak that benefits from having a completely walkable deck when the seat is removed and stowed. This can make it easier to stand on, with more room for maintaining your balance. The seat benefits from mesh fabric for breathability and is elevated off the deck for increased visibility.

Another great feature is the deck padding. These traction pads help to provide grip for your feet but are also designed to minimize noise for a silent approach.

There’s space for your larger hunting equipment in the rear cargo deck, and there’s also a mesh-covered bow area that’s easy to access. The Outlaw has lots of space for storing smaller items as well. And there’s cup holders.

There are accessory tracks conveniently built into the side carry handles.


  • Super stable hull
  • Walkable deck
  • Noise-minimizing deck pads
  • Good gear storage


  • Not the fastest

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5: Elkton Outdoors Tandem Fishing Kayak (best for hunting with a dog)

Elkton 12.2 feet Outdoors Tandem Fishing KayakPin
  • Length: 12 foot 2 inches
  • Width: 36 inches
  • Weight: 72 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 650 pounds

This Elkton Outdoors Tandem kayak is designed for two paddlers, and comes with two seats and two paddles. However, it can be ideal for one person if your dog is joining you. You can position the seat in the center and your dog can sit at the front.

This is a stable yak that can be ideal for hunting on flatwater or ocean water. With some secondary stability to handle moderate waves, it may feel a little tippy if you’re a new paddler, or a new paddling dog.

It has low-profile sides so that it’s easier for your dog to jump on and off.

You’ll find storage decks at the front and back, as well as two water-resistant hatches. Additionally, this kayak has six rod holders, so it can be an ideal multi-sport vessel.


  • Low-profile sides
  • Good in a range of waters
  • Camouflage color
  • Built-in rod holders for fishing


  • Not the best seat

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6: Perception Pescador Pro 10 (best 10-foot hunting kayak)

Perception Pescador Pro 10.0 KayakPin
  • Length: 10 foot 6 inches
  • Width: 32 inches
  • Weight: 57 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 325 pounds

The Perception Pescador Pro 10 can be an excellent duck hunting kayak, thanks to its muted green camo color shell to help you blend in. This is a compact kayak that can be convenient to transport and carry, and easy to maneuver, making it an ideal choice whether you’re new to kayaking or not.

The Pescador Pro is designed for flatwater so it can be great for duck hunting on lakes and slow-moving rivers. Its shorter length also means it can be ideal on smaller bodies of water.

It has a stadium-style seat that can be positioned either upright or reclined. It’s also elevated off the deck and can be easily removed and adjusted.

For storage, there are two tank wells – one at the bow and one at the stern. There’s also an easy-to-reach center console, gear tracks for accessories, and a 5-inch hatch giving access to the inside of the hull.

When you’re preparing to target ducks, the paddle park can help keep your paddle from floating away.


  • Compact
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Ideal for ponds and lakes
  • Easy to transport


  • Not great on open water

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7: Jackson Kayak Kilroy HD (best for hunting AND fishing)

Jackson Kayak Kilroy HDPin
  • Length: 12 foot 10 inches
  • Width: 36 inches
  • Weight: 98 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 450 pounds

The Jackson Kilroy HD is designed for hunting and fishing, so it can be a fantastic boat if you’re looking to do both.

The Kilroy also comes in a Realtree Edition, made specifically for duck hunters, with added features and accessories, such as a camouflage wrap to disguise the boat. Bear in mind that the Realtree Edition is the lighter weight LT model.

The Kilroy HD is not a lightweight kayak, so it’s not the most manageable kayak on land and you may need a kayak cart or someone to help you lift it.

This kayak is designed as a sit-inside kayak, with an exceptionally large, open cockpit so that it’s still easy to move around, get in and out, and, of course, stand up.

It features a sliding ergonomic padded seat with high-low positioning, a bow-to-stern track system for adding accessories, and integrated fishing rod holders. There’s also plenty of space to store hunting gear.

Video: Jackson Kilroy HD Review


  • Excellent stability
  • Sit-inside hunting kayak
  • Standing deck
  • Great accessory-mounting options


  • Heavy

8: Old Town Sportsman PDL 120 (best sea or ocean hunting kayak)

Old Town Sportsman PDL 120Pin
  • Length: 12 foot
  • Width: 36 inches
  • Weight: 116 pounds (fully assembled)
  • Weight Capacity: 500 pounds

The Old Town Sportsman PDL 120 is a 12-foot pedal kayak that has the benefit of a Double U hull design that can boost stability on a range of waters and allow for quiet gliding. This can be an excellent kayak for oceans and open water, with the pedal drive system giving you a power advantage to cut through currents.

You’ll also find an integrated rudder system that can help with tracking and positioning in wind and moving water.

The pedal drive has both forward and reverse pedaling for easy maneuvering.

One of the great features of this kayak is the seating system. It can slide back and forth to accommodate different leg lengths, and it offers lumbar support for a more comfortable ride.

Another excellent feature of this kayak is the standing deck, with non-slip EVA padding for added traction and noise reduction.

This duck hunting kayak can hold a lot of gear, with ample storage space for equipment. It can also be ideal for larger paddlers.


  • Generous capacity
  • Great for open water and oceans
  • Good for larger paddlers
  • Pedal drive system


  • Very heavy

9: Hobie Mirage Passport 12 (best pedal kayak for duck hunting)

  • Length: 12 foot
  • Width: 34 inches
  • Weight: 73 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds

The Hobie Mirage Passport 12 is a stable 12-foot kayak with a pedal drive system that can let you get to your hunting spot more efficiently. The MirageDrive pedal system features Kick-Up fins that flip up when they come into contact with rocks or weeds in shallow water.

This is a stable kayak that can be ideal for waterfowl hunting in ocean bays, lakes, and rivers, with a built-in rudder to help you navigate in moving water. The deck is also designed for standing, with EVA floor padding for added grip and sound reduction.

This roomy pedal kayak has sufficient space, with both bow and stern cargo decks and bungee tie-downs. You’ll also find additional storage below deck through the center hatch and there’s room under the seat for other gear.

The gear tracks on the sides mean you can customize the kayak with your own accessories. It also comes with a paddle.


  • Very stable
  • Kick-Up fins
  • Lots of space for equipment
  • Padded deck
  • Paddle included


  • Not the fastest pedal drive

10: Lifetime Tamarack Angler 120 (best budget duck hunting kayak)

Lifetime Tamarack 120 Angler KayakPin
  • Length: 10 foot
  • Width: 31 inches
  • Weight: 52 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 275 pounds

The Lifetime Tamarack Angler 120 is a durable, affordable kayak that can be ideal if you’re on a budget. However, don’t expect all the bells and whistles that you’d get from a pricier kayak, as this is a basic kayak.

Having said that, this is an ideal kayak for beginners and great for shorter duck hunting trips. This is a lightweight kayak and it’s compact, making it easier to haul to and from the water and load onto your roof rack. Its short length also means it’s easy to maneuver on small bodies of water.

It has a flat bottom for increased primary stability, which can make it great for waterfowl hunting in flatwater environments.

The seat is padded and has a padded backrest. However, this is not the most comfortable seat so it can be best suited to short trips and casual use.


  • Lightweight
  • Budget duck hunting kayak
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Great for beginners


  • Not great for long trips

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11: NuCanoe Frontier 12

  • Length: 12 foot
  • Width: 41 inches
  • Weight: 80 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 650 pounds

The NuCanoe Frontier 12 is designed to offer maximum stability for hunting and fishing and comes in camo colors. It’s ultra wide, at 41 inches, which can give you incredible stability for standing to shoot. The wide deck also means there’s extra room to place your feet, store your gear or even bring your dog along.

The Cast and Blast deck is padded with a 6mm Decking Kit to offer noise reduction and traction. There are two 70-inch Freedom tracks for attaching your accessories, as well as an additional four tracks.

There’s plenty of space to store your equipment, including a gear vault at the bow. There are also rod holders for fishing trips.

A great feature of this kayak is the Fusion seating system. The seat can be swiveled 360-degrees so you can put yourself in the best position for lining up your shot.


  • Huge capacity
  • Super stable hull
  • Excellent standing deck
  • Great for large paddlers
  • Swivel seat


  • Heavy

12: Jackson Kayak Yupik

Jackson YupikPin
  • Length: 12 foot 2 inches
  • Width: 35 inches
  • Weight: 90 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 425 pounds

This Jackson Yupik can be an excellent kayak for duck hunting and fishing. It has a walkable deck with silent traction pads for added comfort and grip. The large, spacious deck can be an ideal shooting platform, with enough room to store all of your equipment.

There is an oversized rear cargo deck. There’s also a spacious scooped bow storage area that can be great for storing decoy bags. Additionally, there are bow-to-stern tracks for installing accessories and there’s even a spot to keep your phone.

One of the best features of this vessel is the Ergo Seat which offers padding and lumbar support for all-day comfort. The seat is also elevated to give you a better view of your surroundings.


  • Stable hunting kayak
  • Walkable deck
  • Spacious
  • Room for accessories


  • No dry storage

13: Old Town Loon 106 Angler

Old Town Loon 106 Angler KayakPin
  • Length: 10 foot 6 inches
  • Width: 31 inches
  • Weight: 55 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 325 pounds

The Old Town Loon 106 is a sit-inside kayak that can be great for both hunting and fishing, especially if the weather is colder. The Loon is a lightweight boat with a compact size that can be convenient to store and transport.

This is a stable craft with a camouflage shell that can be best suited to duck hunting in flatwater lakes, ponds and slow-moving rivers. It has a removable work deck and a USB charging port to keep your phone or gadgets alive (battery is not included).

One of the greatest features of this vessel is the comfortable seat. It features the ACS2 seating system which is crafted for all-day paddling, with leg support, lumbar support, premium padding and ventilation. It’s also adjustable.

There’s bungee storage at the bow and stern, as well as a stern hatch for keeping items below deck. There’s also an anchor trolley system.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Stable sit-inside kayak
  • Large cockpit


  • Not as much room for large equipment

14: Old Town Topwater 120

Old Town Topwater 120Pin
  • Length: 12 foot
  • Width: 33.5 inches
  • Weight: 82 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 500 pounds

The Old Town Topwater 120 is designed primarily for fishing but can be excellent for hunting waterfowl. This is a stable vessel that benefits from having a Double U hull for superior stability in a variety of waters, making it great for duck hunting in both saltwater and freshwater environments.

Being an incredibly stable craft, it’s no surprise that it has a standing platform so that you can aim and shoot with precision. You’ll also find EVA foam deck pads to minimize noise.

The seat is crafted to be comfortable for all-day paddling and hunting, with an ergonomic design and breathable mesh fabric. It can also give you an elevated view for more successful hunting trips.

There’s ample room for your gear, with a large rear tank well and oval bow hatch.


  • Stable standing platform
  • Comfortable seat
  • Great for all waters
  • Lots of storage space


  • Not the lightest vessel

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15: Vibe Sea Ghost 130

  • Length: 13 foot
  • Width: 33.5 inches
  • Weight: 71 pounds (92 pounds fully rigged)
  • Weight Capacity: 550 pounds

This Vibe Sea Ghost 130 is a versatile duck hunting kayak that is designed to offer excellent stability for a range of on-the-water activities. With its wide, stable hull, it can be great for duck hunting in the ocean, as well as lakes and rivers. Its longer length also means it can move more efficiently for increased speeds.

It has the added benefit of a built-in rudder for navigating through currents or wind. This is a spacious craft with plenty of room to store your hunting gear, including a large rear deck with bungees. It also has a large bow hatch, providing dry storage in the hull, as well as a center console and smaller rear hatch.

The Vibe Hero seat offers elevated seating, breathable mesh and padded cushions for comfort and support on long waterfowl hunting trips.


  • Excellent storage
  • Ideal for all waters
  • Rudder included
  • Fast and stable


  • Not the easiest to carry on your own

16: Ascend H12 Hybrid Sit-In Kayak

  • Length: 12 foot
  • Width: 32 inches
  • Weight: 76 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 450 pounds

This Ascend H12 is a 12-foot sit-inside kayak with a hybrid design combining the best features of a sit-inside with the convenience of a sit-on-top.

The large rectangular cockpit is designed to be easy to get in and out of.

A great feature of this boat is the removable seating system which benefits from having six different adjustment positions for custom comfort.

This rotomolded kayak has a tunnel hull for excellent stability in all types of waters, allowing you to stand up for shooting or fishing.

There is plenty of storage space for your gear. The rear cargo well has a mesh cover for keeping items secure. The bow also has a storage compartment with a floating hatch and tie-down bungees. Additionally, there are saddlebags under the gunnels with a waterproof storage pouch for your phone.


  • Sit-inside hybrid design
  • Spacious cockpit
  • Good storage options
  • Tunnel hull


  • Can feel a little tippy if standing

17: Beavertail Final Attack Portable Pit Blind

  • Length: 8 foot
  • Width: 44 inches
  • Weight: 85 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 420 pounds

The Beavertail Final Attack Portable Pit Blind may not look like your typical kayak but it can be a good option if you’re looking for a vessel just for hunting.

This vessel is made to blend in. It’s low profile and comes in a marsh brown color. One of the best things about this boat is that it’s designed to be used on both water and land, so it can be the ultimate hunting accessory.

It’s wide and stable, and has a generous capacity for its short length. It can be easy to haul in the back of a pickup, being just 8 feet long. But it’s not the lightest. However, it does come with built-in wheels to make it easier to drag in and out of the water.

It can be difficult to paddle but you can attach a motor (sold separately).


  • Low-profile
  • Portable pit blind
  • Ideal for water and land
  • Molded-in wheels


  • Heavy
  • Difficult to paddle

Why Use A Kayak For Duck Hunting?

A kayak can be an excellent tool for waterfowl hunting as it can let you get closer to them and their habitat. Kayaks can access shallower water than larger vessels so you can move through marshes and swamps a lot easier.

Kayaks are also pretty quiet on the water compared to motorized vessels, which can give you a stealthier approach into the ducks’ environment.

It can be best to choose muted or camouflage colors to help you blend in. On the other hand, you can also use a kayak cover or hunting blind over the top of your kayak for additional disguise.

How To Choose A Duck Hunting Kayak And The Features You Need

What Size Kayak Should I Use For Duck Hunting?

The size of kayak you should use will probably be a personal choice. It will likely depend on the amount of gear you plan to bring, how long you plan to be out there, and your capacity to transport or store the vessel at home.

A shorter hull will generally be better for maneuvering in tight spaces, such as marshes. But a longer one may give you more room for gear.

More on hull shapes for kayaks

The width of the kayak may be more important, as the wider the hull, generally the more stable the kayak will be. A high level of stability can be important for waterfowl hunting as it can let you stand up easily for more precise target shooting.

Most duck hunting kayaks will have a flat deck to allow you to stand up, often with deck padding to reduce noise and offer added traction.

Is A Sit-In Or Sit-On-Top Kayak Better For Hunting?

A sit-on-top fishing kayak is usually a better choice for hunting waterfowl. Sit-on-top kayaks have open decks, which can give you more freedom to move around, stand up, or access gear.

These types of kayaks may also have a more adjustable seating system, letting you choose the best position for the seat to suit your hunting tactics. A sit-on-top kayak can also be more suitable if you’re bringing along your gun dog, as it can be easier for your dog to climb back onto the deck.

However, there are some sit-inside kayaks that have oversized cockpits, as well as some of the features found in sit-on-top kayaks. This type of sit-inside boat can be good for waterfowl hunting in colder weather. It can also provide you with more camouflage, giving you added cover for hiding within the cockpit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need A PFD While Duck Hunting?

Yes, you will need a PFD for duck hunting in a kayak. Depending on the location, you may only need to carry one with you in your kayak. But it’s for your own safety, so it’s probably best that you wear it.

How To Protect Your Shotgun While Duck Hunting In A Kayak

Most kayaks will have room for you to store it flat on the deck, tucking it under the seat. You may want to store it inside a floating gun case for added protection.

What Are Essential Accessories To Bring When Duck Hunting?

Obviously, your shotgun and ammunition are important. You should also take decoys, duck call, PFD, binoculars, and game shears.

How Do You Cover A Duck Hunting Kayak To Make It More Stealthy?

You can use a hunting blind kayak cover to disguise your boat. You could also make your own out of natural materials, such as grasses and branches.

Video: Duck Hunting Kayak Setup

Best Duck Hunting Kayak: Final Words

After checking out some of the best duck hunting kayaks, we think the winner is the Wilderness Systems ATAK 120. It has unmatched stability, tons of space for gear and an extra comfy seat. It also benefits from having an excellent shooting platform and can handle all waters.

A very worthy runner-up is the BKC UH-RA-220 with its camouflage shell and high maximum capacity. It also has excellent storage options for waterfowl decoys.

Think about the amount of gear you intend to bring and whether or not you’ll need room for your dog.

The quality of the seat can also play an important role in your decision, especially if you plan to be on the water for several hours at a time.

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