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​We love to go fishing all year round but sometimes the weather can make it a little unpleasant, especially if you don’t have the right gear. But having the right gear can make it a lot more fun, even if the fishing is slow.

So we’ve put together a quick guide to some of the best rain gear for fishing so you don’t need to let a miserable day prevent you from getting in on the action.

Sneak Peek: Top Items

​11 Best Rain Gear Items For Fishing

​1: Navis Marine Offshore Fishing Rain Suit

Navis Marine Offshore Fishing Rain SuitPin
  • Size: S to XXL

This Navis Marine fishing suit can be an ideal option for keeping dry whether you’re heading out on a boat or fishing from the banks. It’s built for wet weather so it’s designed to offer maximum rain protection with both waterproof bib pants and jacket.

The suit features several pockets in both the pants and the jacket, including fleece lined hand warmer pockets in the jacket. The suit also benefits from having reflective patches for increased visibility in poor conditions.

The suit is designed to be windproof as well as water resistant. The neoprene cuffs on the jacket can also be adjusted to stop water from getting in while you’re fishing.

​2​: Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit

Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain SuitPin
  • Size: S to 3XL

​This Frogg Toggs rain suit can be ideal for when you’re fishing in rainy weather when it’s not too cold. For example, it could be a good way to keep yourself dry during rainy summer days or even spring and fall. The suit consists of a lightweight jacket and matching lightweight pants.

These can be easily worn over your clothes to keep the rain off. The jacket features an adjustable and removable hood with a full front zipper and a storm flap that buttons over the zip to keep water out.

Because it’s lightweight, it could be a good suit to carry with you in your gear bag just in case it rains. But if you’re fishing in cold, wet winters, you might want to opt for something warmer.

​3​: Stormr Strykr Neoprene Jacket

Stormr Strykr Neoprene JacketPin
  • Size: S to 3XL

​This Stormr Strykr jacket is a fishing jacket that can be ideal for colder conditions as it’s made from neoprene. This means it can offer thermal protection against cold wind as well as waterproof protection against the rain. The velcro cuffs are handy to help to keep water from going up your sleeves.

The jacket features glued and taped seams and has the benefit of a corrosion resistant zipper, which is also designed to resist water. It can be an ideal jacket for ice fishing or if you’re fishing offshore in cold, wet weather.

The fleece lined jacket is also designed to offer buoyancy, which could be an added help if you happen to end up in the water. However, you should always wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) in addition to your jacket if you’re boating or kayaking.

Another handy feature of this jacket is the pockets. There are fleece lined exterior zippered pockets, which are waterproof. Plus, there are both interior and exterior pockets to keep your smaller gear, as well as a separate interior pocket for your cell phone.

​4: Grundens Men’s Brigg 44 Fishing Jacket

Grundens Men’s Brigg 44 Fishing JacketPin
  • Size: XS to 5XL

The Grundens Brigg 44 fishing jacket can be a great choice for fishing in rainy weather. It is made from heavy duty cotton with a tough HDX11 PVC coating that is designed to resist water and even oil. The PVC coating is also designed for extreme cold temperatures, so it should remain comfortable and flexible even if you’re ice fishing.

This waterproof jacket features internal neoprene cuffs that seal around your wrists to help prevent water from running up your sleeves. It also benefits from a double button storm flap and a chin strap that helps to keep rain out. The hood can be adjusted using the drawstring pulls.

For very cold weather, you may want to order a size up to allow you to wear more layers underneath.

​5: Carhartt Women’s Shoreline Jacket

Carhartt Women’s Shoreline JacketPin
  • ​​Size: XS to 3XL Plus

This Carhartt Shoreline jacket can be a great option if you’re looking for a suitable women’s fishing jacket. It is a waterproof nylon jacket that features fully taped seams to prevent rain getting through and has a mesh and taffeta lining for added breathability and comfort.

It has a number of pockets where you can store your essential gear and extra tackle. It features a removable hood with a drawstring to adjust it, as well as a drawstring cord at the bottom of the jacket to adjust the fit. The zipper closure has a storm flap to prevent water getting in and the jacket is also designed to prevent you getting cold from the wind.

If you’re fishing in particularly cold conditions you may want to add a warmer fleece layer underneath the jacket but it could be ideal for the cooler weather often seen in spring and fall.

​6: Striker Ice Men’s Fishing Bib

Striker Ice Men’s Fishing BibPin
  • ​​​Size: M to 5XL

This Striker Ice bib can be a great choice for winter fishing as it is insulated to help you maintain warmth. The Thermadex technology means you should be kept warm without feeling like you’re wearing heavy gear. It also features Hydrapore System technology that makes the fabric water resistant but breathable for added comfort.

Another handy feature of these bibs is that they have built-in flotation assistance within the insulation, which can help with buoyancy. The bibs have plenty of pockets and D-rings for keeping your gear within easy reach and there are zippers to help you get them on and off easily.

These are designed for ice fishing and also feature extra padding at the seat and at the knee.

​7: Frabill I3 Bib

Frabill I3 BibPin
  • ​​​​Size: S to 3XL

The Frabill I3 bib is designed for maximum water resistance. They feature 3M Thinsulate insulation so that you can stay warm even when you’re out on the ice. They are made from durable and water resistant nylon and they feature fully sealed seams to prevent any rain from getting through the fabric.

The bib features well placed pockets and D-rings to attach your gear. There is also additional padding at the seat and the knees which can be ideal for ice fishing.

The bib has a two layer design to help with breathability and this also helps to shield you from the wind. The elastic shoulder straps are designed for a comfortable fit and there is a front zipper to make getting them on and off a little easier.

​8: Simms Tributary Rubber Sole Wading Boots

Simms Tributary Rubber Sole Wading BootsPin
  • ​​​​​Size: 4 to 15

These Simms Tributary boots are designed to give you the traction you need for wading through rivers and climbing over mossy rocks. They feature a tough non-slip rubber sole and a strong rubber toe cap that helps to provide added protection for crossing rocky and uneven riverbeds.

The boots feature a neoprene lining that can give you insulation against the cold as well as prevent your feet from getting wet. These waterproof boots can be ideal for fly fishing in the rain. They also come in a wide range of sizes so they could be suitable for both men and women, and even some older kids.

​9: Korkers Greenback Wading Boot

Korkers Greenback Wading BootPin
  • ​​​​​​Size: 7 to 15

These Korkers Greenback boots can be a great option if you’re looking for a more versatile pair of fishing boots, as they feature two types of soles that are interchangeable. One sole is a Kling-On sole with rubber traction and the other is a Studded Kling-On sole that has the added benefit of studs for added traction over slippery terrain.

They are made from hydrophobic materials which means that they are designed to minimize the spread of invasive species because they dry faster. They also feature channels through the soles so that water can pass through easily while you’re wading, which helps to prevent the boots from feeling heavy on your feet.

If you’re looking to wear them with waders, you may want to order a size up.

​10: Frogg Toggs Tekk Toad Breathable Rain Jacket (Budget)

Frogg Toggs Tekk Toad Breathable Rain Jacket (Budget)Pin
  • Size: S to XXL

This Frogg Toggs jacket can be a great choice for fishing on a rainy day from spring through fall. It’s lightweight and breathable so it shouldn’t make you feel too warm or uncomfortable. You could also layer it up underneath to provide extra warmth for colder weather fishing.

The jacket is fully waterproof with sealed seams and neoprene cuffs. It also features a front zipper with storm flaps and a rain gutter. The hood is adjustable with drawstring cords to help it stay on in windy weather.

Designed for angling, this jacket also has the benefit of pockets for fly boxes and even has a fold away rod holder at the front.

​11: Berghaus Men’s Deluge Waterproof Pants (Budget)

Berghaus Men’s Deluge Waterproof Pants (Budget)Pin
  • Size: XS to 3XL

These Berghaus waterproof pants can be ideal if you’re looking for a good value pair of waterproof pants. They are designed as over-pants, which means you can easily put them on over your existing clothes.

This also means they may not offer much in the way of insulation in colder months but they are water repellent and feature Hydroshell fabric, which keeps them breathable and durable.

They also feature leg venting, to help keep you cool in warmer conditions. These could be a great pair of pants for fishing in the rain all year round, allowing you to layer up underneath for colder climates. They are also lightweight and could be easily packed into your gear bag in case the weather changes while you’re out.

Why Staying Dry Is Important

When you’re out in the rain for prolonged periods, for example when you’re fishing all day, it is important to stay dry to maintain an adequate level of comfort. If you’re uncomfortable, you’re probably not going to enjoy yourself and you might find yourself packing up and going home after a short time.

But not only will you likely feel uncomfortable if you and your clothes are soaking wet, it can also be dangerous.

Getting wet in the rain can lead to illnesses, including hypothermia. This can be a fatal condition if it’s not treated quickly. Rain can cause hypothermia as it can reduce your body temperature.

While you may associate hypothermia with freezing temperatures, the outside temperature does not need to be freezing for symptoms to be noticed. Being exposed to water temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit can lead to hypothermia if you’re unable to get warm quickly afterwards.

Air temperatures of 50 degrees can also lead to hypothermia if you’re exposed for a significant length of time. But in the wind and rain, the temperature at which hypothermia could set in will often be higher than this.

What To Look Out For To Stay Dry And Comfortable

Sealed Seams

If you’ve ever worn a non-waterproof jacket out in the rain, you’ll probably have discovered this yourself, that the rain comes through your seams first.

When you’re looking for a rain jacket or pants, you will probably find that many of them will have sealed or taped seams. This can be a good thing to look out for as it can help to prevent water from getting in through the stitching.

As you will know, stitching and sewing puts tiny holes through the fabric where the various pieces of fabric are sewn together. But with sealed seams, these tiny holes are effectively covered, which helps to stop any rain from getting through.

Waterproof/Water Repellent Fabrics

Most rain gear will be crafted from waterproof or water repellent fabrics. Or they may sometimes be coated in a water repellent material.

There are various fabrics to choose from when it comes to waterproof clothing, as some with have the benefit of additional technologies, such as Gore-Tex or brand specific technologies.

When you’re choosing rain gear it can be good to look for a jacket that features a water repellent fabric as well as sealed seams. A hood can also be an essential feature.


Many water resistant jackets and pants will often be rated for breathability as well as water resistance. This can be a good idea whether you’re fishing in the summer or the winter, otherwise you could find yourself overheating or sweating.

Some outerwear will consist of layered fabrics, which can add breathability as well as extra levels of insulation. The layers can help to create a mid layer or membrane between you and the waterproof outer shell.

​Signing Off…

Making sure you stay dry in the rain can be important, especially if you’re planning an all day fishing trip. With the right rain gear, not only can you stay dry and help prevent getting cold, you might even have more fun or want to stay at the lake for longer.

Remember to look for clothing that’s waterproof, with sealed seams. You may also want to look for clothing that has plenty of pockets so that you can keep your gear within reach. Keep in mind the sizes of the clothing and boots too, especially if you plan to layer up underneath for winter fishing.

Help others stay dry when they’re fishing in the rain by sharing this guide and let us know your thoughts on this by leaving us a comment.

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