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Colorado Bend State Park Fishing Guide

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With the mighty Colorado River running through the park, fishing in Colorado Bend State Park can mean a successful day’s fishing. Being around a two hour drive from Austin, you could turn your fishing trip into a weekend trip. But is it worth it?

We think it is, which is why we’ve decided to help you out and let you know what you can expect from a trip to Colorado Bend State Park.

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Why Fish At Colorado Bend State Park?

Colorado Bend State Park is believed to be one of the best spots in Central Texas to fish for bass. The park also has a fish cleaning station located near the park’s store and kayak rental, so you can prepare your catch before you take it home or cook it.

The park also gives you access to the Colorado River, one of the most significant rivers in the United States. There have been numerous large fish caught throughout the Colorado River in Texas, including large catfish and bass.

Fishing License

Because Colorado Bend is a state park you don’t need a fishing license to fish anywhere within the park’s boundaries. This means you can load up your kayak or canoe and spend the day on the river.

You can also fish from the 6 miles of riverbank within the state park.

Video: Catching Bass – Colorado River

Types Of Fish

Probably one of the most popular catches in the Colorado Bend State Park, particularly during the spring spawning season, is white bass. However, it can get pretty busy during this time.

There are also several other species of fish, including the state fish for Texas, the Guadalupe Bass. Catfish, bluegill and largemouth bass can all be found within the river.


Because the park is relatively remote, there is plenty of wildlife to see, as well as some beautiful scenery, which can make your fishing trip even more relaxing.

There are almost 200 species of birds to be found within the park at various times of the year. Some of the birds include bald eagles, various species of woodpeckers, various species of hawks and cuckoos, as well as turkeys, pelicans, hummingbirds and owls.

What Other Activities Are There To Do?


With a boat ramp in the park you can bring your own boat to launch into the Colorado River, whether you’re planning to fish or simply explore and have fun on the water.

It can also be possible to follow the river downstream till you hit Lake Buchanan where you can enjoy a larger area of water to explore. However, this depends on the level of water in Lake Buchanan, as the river may be impassable for larger boats if the water is too low.


You can rent kayaks inside the park on both an hourly and 24 hourly basis, which can let you explore at your own pace. You can also bring your own kayak or canoe. The river is pretty slow moving so it can be possible to paddle both upstream and downstream.

Video: Paddling Around Colorado Bend State Park

You can also follow the trail from Bend to the state park, which has some whitewater for the more adventurous.

Why not read our Colorado kayaking guide here.


There are hundreds of caves within the park, making it an interesting place for some exciting underground adventures.

It can be a good idea to arrange a guided tour if you plan on venturing into the caves, as all the caves are closed to the public unless you’re with a guide.

Video: Caving At Colorado Bend State Park

Hiking and Biking

There are miles of trails throughout the park where you can hike or explore on your mountain bike. There are several trails, with different levels of difficulty, so you can opt for the best one that suits you or your time frame.

You can even spend a few days hiking, with primitive campsites available for backpackers.


Being just two hours from Austin, Texas, the Colorado Bend State Park can make for a convenient day trip or weekend adventure. Whether you’re fishing by yourself or you plan to bring the whole family along, the trails and surrounding nature should be plenty to keep everyone occupied.

Let us know what you’ve caught at Colorado Bend State Park and if you have any other state parks or areas that you’d recommend for fishing in central Texas. And if any of your buddies are looking for somewhere new to fish, share this with them.

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