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Delta Kayaks Reviewed

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​Delta kayaks tend to offer a high level of storage space, whether it’s for short or long adventures. They can be stable, lightweight and comfortable for longer trips. There are also lots of options to choose from, whether you’re a beginner looking for an easy-to-use craft or an experienced paddler looking for increased performance.

We have checked out the Delta range of boats and have put together our guide to the best vessels in each category so you can see for yourself if any of them might suit your needs.

​Best Delta Adventure Kayak

​Delta 12 AR

  • ​Length: 12 foot
  • ​Width: 26.5 inches
  • ​Weight: 42 pounds
  • ​Weight Capacity: 320 pounds

The Delta 12 AR is a 12 foot kayak that is designed for adventures on flatwater. It has a large cockpit, which can make for easy entry, as well as giving you additional room if you want to bring your dog along for the ride. The multi-position seat can allow for improved comfort on longer trips and a better fit in the cockpit.

The hull is designed to combine stability with tracking and efficient paddling. The V-shaped bow helps the yak to cut through water and the hybrid catamaran stern helps to enhance stability.

You’ll also find bow and stern storage hatches with Press Lock seals to help keep your gear safe and dry. Additionally, there’s deck bungee rigging for securing items on deck.

​Other Models

This boat also comes in a 10 foot model and a 10 foot 5 inch sit-on-top. The Delta 10 AR can be ideal if you’re looking for increased portability, as it has many of the same features as the Delta 12 but with a little less storage.

The Delta CAT 10.5 SOT is a sit-on-top that can be better suited to warm weather paddling, with a spacious open deck and large storage wells at both the bow and stern for holding coolers or fishing crates.

​Best Delta Light Touring Kayak

​Delta 12.10

  • ​Length: 12 foot 10 inches
  • ​Width: 25 inches
  • ​Weight: 41 pounds
  • ​Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

The Delta 12.10 is a touring kayak that’s built for all-day adventures or shorter overnight trips. Its hull is designed to offer speed, tracking and stability on flatwater but it should also be able to handle beach landings and small waves. However, it’s not built for whitewater.

There’s plenty of room in the cockpit for your legs and the adjustable seat means you can find the most comfortable position for paddling. The three hatches can be great for storing some light camping gear and the length of the boat means it can be easier to maneuver than longer touring vessels, as well as being easier to transport.

​Other Models

The Delta 12S is a smaller version of the 12.10 and it’s designed for smaller framed paddlers. It has similar features to the 12.10 but with a shorter, narrower 12 foot by 24 inch hull and a more compact cockpit.

​Best Delta Standard Touring Kayak

​Delta 14

  • ​Length: 14 foot
  • ​Width: 23.75 inches
  • ​Weight: 45 pounds
  • ​Weight Capacity: 340 pounds

The Delta 14 is a lightweight touring kayak that can be ideal for ocean and other open water adventures. It has plenty of storage space for multi-day trips, including deck bungee rigging and three hatches.

The hull features a V-shaped design to glide efficiently through water and can offer a good combination of speed and stability that can appeal to both beginners and experienced paddlers.

It benefits from having a multi-adjustable padded seat for all-day comfort and it has a rudder system for improved tracking and boat control in wind and current.

​Other Models

The other touring yaks include the Delta 15.5 GT, with its increased length for speed and efficiency, and its increased weight capacity. There’s also the 17 foot 6 inch Delta 17.5T which is a tandem touring craft with space for two paddlers plus overnight gear.

​For even more space and capacity, the Delta 20T is a 19 foot 6 inch tandem yak that’s built to handle a range of water conditions on longer excursions.

​Best Delta Performance Touring Kayak

​Delta 16

  • ​Length: 16 foot
  • ​Width: 22 inches
  • ​Weight: 48 pounds
  • ​Weight Capacity: 330 pounds

The Delta 16 is designed to offer enhanced performance in open water, being able to handle rough seas and wind. Its hull is built for maneuverability and tracking, as well as speed and may be better suited to more experienced paddlers.

​Video: Delta 16 Kayak Review

This 16 foot sit-inside performance touring yak is designed to be comfortable for long paddling trips and has lots of storage space for your overnight gear. It also comes with a rudder and the option of a retractable skeg for improved control in currents.

​Other Models

The Delta 15S and the Delta 17 are other options within the performance touring category.

The Delta 15S is engineered for small to medium framed paddlers, with a smaller cockpit and a more maneuverable 15 foot length but with the performance features found on the Delta 16.

The Delta 17 has a narrow 17 foot hull and offers increased speed, capacity and tracking.

​Wrapping Up

Delta kayaks can offer a range of vessels for a variety of performance requirements, whether you’re looking for a stable craft for recreational paddling and weekend adventures or you’re after a high-performance craft for multi-day trips and ocean touring.

We’d love to know your thoughts on Delta boats, so leave us a comment. And if you think this could help out your buddies, please share it.

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