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Rules and Regulations

What are the kayak laws across the U.S.? Do you need a license to kayak in every state? Does it matter if you use a trolling motor?

Find out on our U.S. kayak rules and regulations section.

Guide To Kayaking In Kauai, Hawaii

Guide To Kayaking In Kauai, Hawaii

​Known as the Garden Island, Kauai is the most northerly island in Hawaii and said to be the oldest. It’s home to several slow moving rivers, many beautiful bays and…

Guide To Texas Kayak Laws and regulations (small boats and canoes)

Guide To Texas Kayak Laws

If you’re planning to kayak in Texas, it’s important that you are aware of the state laws and what might legally be required while you’re on the water. While there…

Canoeing In Illinois (and kayaking too)

Canoeing And Kayaking In Illinois

With plenty of rivers and lakes, including one of the Great Lakes, Illinois can offer countless paddling opportunities, no matter what your experience level is. Whether you’re looking for a…

Guide to Kayaking in Miami

Guide To Kayaking In The Miami Area

Being a coastal city in South Florida, it’s not surprising that there are plenty of opportunities for watersports in and around Miami. With barrier islands, sandbars, intracoastal waterways and beautiful beaches,…

Guide To Kayaking In Ohio - Recommended Destinations

Top Kayaking In Ohio: Full Guide

With an abundance of rivers and lakes, including one of the largest lakes in the USA, the Buckeye State offers plenty of opportunities for getting out there on the water….

How To Explore Hawaii On A Kayak

How to Explore Hawaii on a Kayak

Did you just kiss the urban jungle goodbye for an adventurous escape in the famous islands of Hawaii? You are in luck, because that tropical side of the world doesn’t…