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Kayaking Near Me – Interactive Location Map

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Whenever you’re been looking for places to “kayak near me”, it would be nice to have a map that can pinpoint great paddling spots.

But now there is such a thing, so no matter where you are in the US or even in several places around the world, you should be able to find good places to kayak in your local area.

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Make sure you check out our Guide to Kayaking. It’s a great resource for beginner paddlers.

Best Kayaking Spots Near Me: Interactive Kayak Map

How To Use This Map

This interactive map can give you lots of information about places to kayak. Whether you want to find a good spot in your local area or check out other destinations that you plan to visit, it can be a great tool for finding suitable paddling locations.

Some of the information you’ll find can include how to get there, where to park your car, safety information, whether or not there are any fees, and general information about that particular body of water.

Another thing you might find helpful is that when you click on a location it can include comments from other users who can share their experiences of the location and if there is anything to watch out for on the route.

You can let the map access your location to let you see your nearest paddling spots or you can choose a location on the map to find a paddling spot you want to visit in the future. This can be great if you’re planning a vacation as it can let you research the best kayaking spots before you go.

Moving around the map will show you magnifying glass icons that you can click on to reveal a more in-depth look at that location, with either more magnifying glasses that need to be expanded or dots that indicate precise locations.

Add New Location

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A handy feature of the map is that you can add a new location so that others can discover it too.

The map currently has over 35,000 locations across the world, but you can easily add to that when you find a great place to kayak.

Add Your Trip

Once you’ve found a particular paddling location, you can click on the “add your trip” icon either at the side of the page or on the map. This then lets you add information about your particular trip, including your start date and end date, plus the locations that were on your route (either existing locations from the map or new ones that you can add yourself).

You can also get to add the types of conditions that you paddled in, such as the water quality or if there was whitewater. As well as this, you can include the different wildlife you saw on your trip and the plants or trees you encountered.

I’m A Beginner, What Places Are Good To Go Kayaking?


Lakes can usually offer fantastic conditions if you’re a beginner, as there will often tend to be less current than in a river or the ocean. Less current can make it easier to control your kayak if you’re just getting the hang of paddling.

A calm lake, in a sheltered spot, away from other water users or motorized vessels can be a good place to start. You may find it’s also easier to paddle on a calm day when it’s not too windy.

You can use the map to check out lakes, ponds and reservoirs near you that have launch ramps or put-in locations.


As you may already know, river conditions can vary pretty dramatically from river to river and even different spots on the same river. When you’re a beginner, you might want to opt for a slow moving river that doesn’t have any rapids and has minimal or no other traffic.

Slow moving rivers can often be great places to paddle because they will usually have flatwater, letting you maneuver your kayak more easily. Many rivers in the US also have designated water trails, where you can paddle along a specific route of the river, with campgrounds and several spots along the way where you can put-in and take-out, or stop for a rest.

You can find various access points along specific rivers near you on the interactive paddling map.


Kayaking in the ocean can be a great experience but it can come with its fair share of conditions. If you’re thinking of kayaking along the coastline, it can be better to choose a calm day so that you don’t have waves or current knocking you off course.

Launching at the beach can be fun and can be a good way to get used to kayaking, especially if it’s the summer and you’re in a sit-on-top vessel.

The map can show you beaches and access points for ocean bays that can be good or safe spots for kayaking.

I’m An Experienced Paddler, Is This Map Useful For Launching?

This map can be useful for all levels of paddlers, as it can give you travel directions for how to get to new paddling locations. This means you can explore beyond your local area, but armed with information that only a local might know.

There are lots of kayaking locations around the world and paddlers can add new locations all the time, so the map will likely improve over time. Any body of water can be included in the map, so you can find put-ins and take-outs for rivers, lakes, bays and oceans.

If you know there’s good whitewater in a particular location, you can check it out on the map and see where the best spots are to access it.

What About Kayak Laws For My Area?

When it comes to kayak laws, you’ll usually find that each country, area and state will have its own specific regulations.

One law that you might find is consistent in many places is the requirement to wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) while on the water. Another might be the consumption of alcohol while in charge of your vessel.

You can check out the boating laws for each US state here to make sure you stay on the right side of the law when you next head out in your kayak.

Rounding Up

The interactive map can be a useful tool for discovering new places to paddle. Whether you’re looking for something nearby or you’re planning a trip abroad, the map can help you pinpoint good kayaking spots.

Let us know if you’ve found a new favorite paddling spot by using the map. And don’t keep this to yourself, share it so that others can add their favorite places for you and other paddlers to discover.

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