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Eddyline Caribbean 14 Review

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​The Eddyline Caribbean is a sit-on-top kayak designed for fishing, photography and recreational paddling on flatwater. It comes with paddle holders, gear tracks and a high back seat.

  • Length: 14 foot
  • ​Width: 29 inches
  • ​Weight: 50 pounds
  • ​Weight Capacity: 400 pounds

This craft has a spacious deck that can be ideal for larger paddlers or if you’re looking to carry extra gear. It has good storage, including hatches and there are options for mounting your own accessories.

​What To Think About Before Buying An Eddyline Caribbean

The Eddyline Caribbean 14 is a 14 foot single sit-on-top kayak with a high capacity and plenty of mounting points for accessories. It has a stable hull for flatwater but is also built to offer speed and efficiency, similar to a touring kayak, meaning it can be ideal for a range of paddlers.

With a spacious deck and seating area, it can be a good choice for larger paddlers but can also be ideal if you’re looking for a boat that’s easy to get in and out of. It could be a good choice for warm weather conditions.

​Caribbean 12

If you prefer a shorter hull, the Caribbean 12 is a more compact version offering similar features but can be easier to maneuver both on the water and on land. There’s also the 12FS version which has a removable “frame seat”, which can be more suitable for fishing or camping. Both of these models, as well as the Caribbean 14 come in Angler versions that have built-in rod holders and deck pads.

​Caribbean 109

The Caribbean 109 has a 10 foot 9 inch hull and is designed to be easy to transport, more convenient to store and easy to maneuver.

​Main Features Of The Caribbean 14

​Efficient Hull

The hull on the Caribbean is crafted to offer a good combination of speed, efficiency and stability. Being 14 foot long and 29 inches wide, it is designed to be quick over the water, meaning less effort when paddling. This could make it ideal for longer journeys where you want to minimize paddling fatigue.

It’s been designed to perform like a touring kayak but benefits from having an open deck which can be ideal in warm weather when you might want to take advantage of jumping on and off for swimming. The open cockpit can also make it easier for fishing and photography, giving you more freedom to move around.

​Paddle In Comfort

The Caribbean 14 features a Cloud 10 seat, which is padded and benefits from having a high seat back for added support. The seat can be easily removed and replaced if you’d prefer to use a more rigid seat (sold separately).

The adjustable foot braces are designed to offer comfort and support for different leg lengths and they are contoured to be comfortable even if you’re paddling barefoot.

​Store Your Gear

A great feature of the Eddyline Caribbean 14 is the storage. With its high 400 pound capacity and spacious deck you should have no problem bringing along all the gear you’ll need for a fun day on the water, whether you’re fishing, exploring or even camping overnight.

​Video: Eddyline Caribbean 14 Walkthrough

The rear tank well is designed to hold a fishing crate or 5 gallon bucket. The bungee rigging means you can keep your load secure.

The front flip hatch can be great for storing dry bags or camping gear inside the bow. There is also a second hatch in front of the seat, which comes with a Gear Bucket so that you can keep smaller items from getting lost inside the hull.

​Accessory Mounts

This craft has a lot of options for adding your own accessories. There are gear tracks on either side of the deck to let you mount various accessories, such as rod holders, without having to drill into your hull.

There are also several flat surfaces where you can mount additional accessories. Behind the seat you’ll find a hatch that can give you access to the inside of the hull for mounting accessories.

The Eddyline Caribbean range of yaks can be great for exploring your local waterways. They’re also lightweight for car-topping, like this one here.

​Eddyline Caribbean Alternatives

​Wilderness Systems Radar 135

Wilderness Systems Radar 135Pin

The Wilderness Systems Radar 135 could be a good alternative if you’d prefer increased stability. This craft is 13 foot 9 inches long and 34 inches wide, with a standing platform for casting. It can also be customized to add a pedal drive.

However, it is heavier at 90 pounds.

​Hobie Quest 13

The Hobie Quest 13 might be a good alternative if you’re looking for more fishing features as standard. This boat is a foot shorter and half an inch narrower but has built-in rod holders, transducer mount and an elevated seat. It’s heavier than the Caribbean but comes with a two-piece paddle.

​Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140Pin

The Tarpon 140 is roughly the same size as the Caribbean 14, being just an inch narrower. It has options for attaching extra accessories, including gear tracks and is rudder-ready. It has a spacious deck and good storage but weighs more at 68 pounds.

​In Conclusion


  • ​Lightweight
  • ​High weight capacity
  • ​Good storage
  • ​Quick and efficient


  • ​No built-in rod holders
  • ​Not compact

The Eddyline Caribbean 14 can be a great boat if you’re after a sit-on-top that can move quickly over the water. It’s stable, efficient and has plenty of room for you and your gear. It also has several mounting points if you want to attach accessories.

If this sounds like the boat for you, click here to check it out for yourself. Let us know what you think of it and if you think this could encourage your friends to join you, share this with them.

​Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Caribbean Come With A Rudder?

No, the Caribbean kayaks do not come with rudders.

Are These Kayaks Stable? Can I Stand On Them?

They are stable for flatwater use. You may be able to stand on them if you have good balance.

Is There Good Storage Space?

Yes, the Caribbean offers plenty of storage space, including a rear tank well and hatches to store additional gear inside the hull.

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