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Eddyline Fathom Review

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The Eddyline Fathom is a sit-inside touring kayak that is designed to offer speed and efficiency for long distance paddling. It comes with a multi-adjustable seat, retractable skeg and plenty of cargo space.

  • Length: 16 foot 6 inches
  • Width: 22 inches
  • Weight: 50 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 340 pounds

With its long, sleek hull design the Eddyline Fathom is built for covering water quickly. This can make it ideal for multi-day trips or all day paddling sessions. There is also lots of space for your gear.

Being over 16 foot, this kayak may not be the easiest to maneuver on smaller bodies of water so it might be better on open water.

Before You Buy A Fathom Kayak

The Eddyline Fathom can be good for beginners and advanced paddlers. It’s built for touring and has lots of good storage options, making it a good choice if you’re looking to head out on a kayak camping trip. It also offers efficient paddling over longer distances.

However, the boat is 16 foot 6 inches long, which can make it more difficult to store or transport and you may require additional accessories.

It can be great for multi-day touring on lakes, coastlines and rivers but it may not offer the maneuverability you might want for tighter bends or small bodies of water.

Standout Features Of The Eddyline Fathom

Cargo Space

The Eddyline Fathom is equipped with lots of storage space so that you can carry enough gear for a few nights away.

Video: Eddyline Fathom

There are two large hatches at either end of the boat, offering watertight spaces for you to store your gear and keep it dry. There is also a separate day hatch that can be ideal for storing essential items that you want to have easy access to while you’re on the water.

For additional dry bags there is bungee rigging on the deck at the bow and the stern providing extra storage space.

Efficient Hull

The hull is crafted for high performance on the water and is long and narrow to offer increased speed and paddling efficiency. This can mean it’s easier to paddle over long distances as you should be able to cover more water with less effort, reducing fatigue.

The hull is also designed to offer both primary and secondary stability, with hard chines and moderate rocker to improve carved turns.

The retractable skeg can also improve tracking for paddling in wind and currents.

Adjustable Cockpit Features

The cockpit features a multi-adjustable seat that can slide forwards and backwards to suit different leg lengths. The back band can also be adjusted for height and lean.

The front deck has increased volume that can make it more comfortable and spacious for longer legged paddlers and there are large-surface foot pedals for added support and boat control.

It’s not just us who think the Fathom is great for adventures:

Fathom Alternatives

Delta 17

The Delta 17 offers similar features at a similar price range. It’s 6 inches longer than the Fathom and has a 410 capacity, making it ideal for touring and camping. It also has the benefit of a rudder for improved tracking in open water.

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 165

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 165 KayakPin

The Tsunami 165 is a similar style to the Fathom, with lots of storage, bungee rigging, a comfortable seat and a rudder. It could be a good alternative for medium sized paddlers.

Riot Brittany 16.5

Riot Brittany 16.5 KayakPin

The Brittany 16.5 could be a good alternative if you’re looking for a cheaper option. This touring kayak is the same length as the Fathom and is built for speed and stability, with storage hatches to keep your gear dry on a multi-day trip. It also has a rudder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Style Of Kayak Is The Eddyline Fathom?

The Eddyline Fathom is a touring kayak.

What Is The Cockpit Fit Like For A Paddler?

It can offer a secure fit for both small and large paddlers thanks to the sliding seat and contoured thigh braces offering adjustability.

Final Thoughts


  • Fast
  • High weight capacity
  • Lots of storage
  • Good for open water


  • Not the cheapest
  • Not ideal for small/narrow bodies of water

The Eddyline Fathom can be a great touring kayak for a camping trip or an extended day trip. There are plenty of storage options for your gear and the hull is designed to offer more efficient paddling with each stroke, minimizing fatigue.

If you want to check this speedy yak out for yourself, click here. We’d love to know your thoughts on this boat so leave us a comment and remember to share if you found this helpful.

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  1. I have an opportunity to purchase used Eddyline Fathom Tour – doing a little research before meeting with owner for a test paddle. I’m a seasoned Beginner-Intermediate paddler (nearly 6’0 weighing 220 lb). My intended use is embayments, lakes, some rivers – in time hope to develop competent open blue water skills and experience. I’ve read numerous reviews and forum comments that seem to support 1) sufficient interior dimensions to comfortably accommodate my frame & weight and 2) accommodate my near term & long term intended use

    Can you provide any additional guiding insight and thoughts for my consideration?
    Many thanks!


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