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Field And Stream Eagle Talon Kayak Review

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Get ready to hit the water and make a splash with the Field and Stream Eagle Talon Kayak.

This versatile sit-on-top fishing kayak was designed with stability and comfort in mind.

While the Eagle Talon has been discontinued, it’s still a great option for those looking for an affordable used kayak that’s perfect for beginner anglers.

With features like adjustable backrest seating, tackle tray storage, and fishing rod holders, this kayak is a dream come true for avid anglers. And for those looking for a weekend adventure, the Eagle Talon has plenty of room for camping gear, making it a great choice for overnight trips.

Ok, let’s get on with it…

Field & Stream Eagle Talon 120 KayakPin
  • Length: 12 foot
  • Width: 30 inches
  • Depth: 13 inches
  • Weight: 68 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds

Things To Consider Before Buying An Eagle Talon Kayak

The Field and Stream Eagle Talon kayak was a 12-foot fishing kayak aimed at anglers and kayakers on a budget. This was an affordable entry-level boat that offered decent stability and performance for its price point.

If you were looking for a high-performance kayak with all the bells and whistles, this was probably not it. It had basic features. But it did have a lot of space. So it could have been ideal for hauling camping gear or fishing equipment across a lake.

It wasn’t the most comfortable kayak, so you may have wanted to upgrade the seat after a couple of hours sitting in it. As well as upgrading the seat, it was also a good kayak if you wanted to modify it to your requirements.

If you wanted to get to and from your fishing hole with decent tracking and stability, this could have been an ideal boat. It also had a few features to make your fishing trip easier, such as an anchor. So you could fish in mild currents and wind more easily.

But if you were looking to stand up to fish, this wasn’t the boat for you.

Important Features Of The Field And Stream Eagle Talon Kayak

Stable Hull

One of the best features of the Field and Stream Eagle Talon was the pontoon hull. This improved the overall stability of the kayak and made it perform well in a range of waters, including lakes, rivers, and ocean bays.

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Unlike some other fishing kayaks, this did not have a dedicated standing platform for fishing. You may have been able to stand up in it if you have good balance, but it was generally not designed for stand-up fishing.

While it might be a little quicker over the water than some of the wider, shorter fishing kayaks out there, the Eagle Talon was not built for speed.

Spacious Deck

The Eagle Talon was a spacious kayak with an open deck to offer increased space for legs and feet, as well as gear.

Video: Eagle Talon Kayak – Field & Stream Shops

The open cockpit area was also designed to accommodate longer legs and be easy to get in and out of.

It came with a padded seat but the padding wasn’t very thick and it was not very comfortable if you wanted to paddle or fish for any length of time. The seat could be removed, however, and you could easily add your own aftermarket seat.

There were adjustable foot braces for stability and comfort for different leg lengths. However, the foot pegs weren’t always the most durable.

Fishing Tackle Storage

Being a dedicated fishing kayak, there was plenty of storage space for fishing equipment.

For fishing rod storage, there were two flush-mount rod holders behind the cockpit as well as a swivel-mount rod holder in the center. The two rear rod holders had the benefit of having leashes so you could quickly secure your rods to the kayak.

It had molded storage for tackle trays (trays not included) plus a rear tank well for a fishing crate or bucket. The stern tank well had a removable mesh cargo cover to keep items secured to the deck.

The large oval hatch at the bow offered covered storage. And there was a small center hatch with a mesh insert to keep small items safe.

A great feature of this kayak was the paddle storage. There were two paddle parks. This could be more convenient for fishing, as you could stow your paddle out of the way of your casting area.

This also came with a folding anchor system.

There are plenty of kayak anglers out there who have added mods to their Eagle Talon. Check out this user who’s made a DIY trolling motor mount.

Field And Stream Eagle Talon Alternatives

Perception Pescador Pro 12

Perception Pescador 12.0 Pro Fishing KayakPin

The Perception Pescador Pro 12 is a similarly-sized fishing kayak but it’s a couple of inches wider. However, this is in a much higher price bracket.

This has excellent storage space, with front and rear cargo decks for holding various large items. It also has a center console that can be rigged for electronics. There are two rod holders at the back and a paddle park on the side.

A useful feature of this kayak is the framed seat. It’s breathable and elevated off the deck for a drier ride. You’ll also find gear tracks for installing accessories.

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  • Comfortable seat
  • Accessory tracks
  • Good Storage


  • Expensive

Lifetime Yukon Angler 116

Lifetime Yukon Angler 116Pin

The Lifetime Yukon Angler 116 is a little shorter and wider than the Eagle Talon but for roughly the same original price. This is an incredibly stable kayak that’s built for standing and fishing. It might be a little slower on the water than the Eagle Talon, due to its size.

It has a stand-assist strap and a flat deck for comfortable standing. You’ll find rod holders, dual paddle keepers, and gear tracks.

There’s plenty of storage space for fishing gear, including a spacious rear cargo deck and an oval bow hatch.

The elevated mesh seat has upright and recline positions for added comfort.

A handy feature is the wheel in the skeg to help you get it from A to B.


  • Standing deck
  • Wheel in the skeg
  • Very stable


  • Not speedy

Pelican Mist 100XP Angler

Pelican Mist 100XP AnglerPin

The Pelican Mist 100XP Angler is an affordable 10-foot fishing kayak that could be a little easier to maneuver than the Eagle Talon. Its more compact size also means it can be easier to load in the back of a pickup.

It’s lightweight and can be great for beginners, as it’s stable on flatwater and comes with a paddle.

There are two rod holders plus front and rear cargo decks with bungees. You’ll also find a handy phone holder with a bungee to keep it secure. But there’s no dry storage.

The seat is a framed Ergocast XP seating system with mesh fabric and an elevated position for increased visibility.


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Lightweight
  • Framed seat


  • No dry storage

Is The Field And Stream Eagle Talon Kayak Any Good?

Field & Stream Eagle Talon 120 KayakPin


  • Spacious
  • Affordable fishing kayak
  • Stable hull


  • Seat wasn’t the best

The Eagle Talon was a good kayak in its price bracket. It had enough stability to handle both flatwater and mild rivers. It also had a decent amount of storage and handy fishing features.

While you might still be able to pick up a Field and Stream Eagle Talon in some outfitters, your best bet will probably be to check out local classifieds and online auction sites.

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