G. Loomis E6X Line Rods Review

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When you think about G. Loomis rods you may think about performance and quality. But what about the lower priced G. Loomis EX6 rods? You may be wondering whether they have the same performance quality as the higher priced series of rods.

To see whether these rods are any good or not, we thought we’d check out their main features.

Who Are The G. Loomis EX6 Rods Aimed At?

The G. Loomis E6X rods are designed to offer high quality professional features at a more affordable price point compared to their other rod ranges. The E6X series offers a range of both casting and spinning rods that are designed to handle various techniques, whether you’re fishing for bass, trout or something else.

These rods can be great if you’re looking for something that’s built for a specific type of fishing but the series can also be ideal if you’re after a more versatile rod that can work well for a variety of bass applications.

With these rods being at a lower price than many of the other series rods from G. Loomis, it can be a good option if you’re looking to upgrade from a cheaper rod. Equally so, the E6X rods can be ideal as tournament rods if you’re one of the pros.

Features That Make The EX6 Rods So Popular


  • Length: From 6 foot 6 inches to 8 foot
  • Power: Medium to extra heavy
  • Action: Fast to extra fast

The G. Loomis E6X casting rod is designed to give you the high quality features that are synonymous with G. Loomis but at a more affordable price.


One of the main features of the E6X casting rod is that it is highly sensitive. It is engineered for balance, with low profile Fuji guides that help to keep the rod feeling lightweight.

Another feature of the rod is the exposed blank Fuji reel seat, which is designed to let you feel the slightest bite and give you more control over your rod.


The E6X casting rods are all handcrafted and feature Multi-Taper blank technology which helps to improve the strength of the rod while minimizing weight. This technology can help to make setting the hook a little easier as well.

The rod also benefits from a full cork grip handle, which is designed to offer comfort and reduce fatigue.


G.Loomis E6X Inshore Spinning RodsPin
  • Length: From 6 foot to 7 foot 5 inches
  • Power: Light to medium heavy
  • Action: Fast to extra fast

The G. Loomis E6X spinning rod is designed for performance and affordability. The range of spinning rods can offer good variety whether you’re looking for a good all-round bass rod or one that is suited for a specific technique.


The E6X spinning rods are handcrafted in the USA and designed to be five percent lighter than the previous versions, which can make all day fishing more comfortable. The Multi-Taper blank technology that features in the casting model also features in the spinning version, providing a high level of strength without adding weight.


G. Loomis rods are built for durability and performance and with the E6X it’s no different. The spinning rods feature tough, low profile Fuji guides and a Fuji reel seat.

The handle is made from natural cork, which can be both durable and comfortable to hold. Cork also tends to offer a good grip, being non-slip, which can be useful when your hands are wet. The handle should also be comfortable to hold in colder conditions, as it tends to remain a little warmer than some plastic materials.


The E6X series offers a wide choice of options when it comes to rods, as you can choose a rod that is best suited to a particular type of fishing, for example for using a particular type of lure.

But there are also rods that can be great options if you’re after a good all-round rod that can handle a range of different lures and techniques, such as the 6 foot 6 inch or 7 foot medium fast action rod.

G. Loomis EX6 Alternatives

St Croix Avid Spinning Rod

St Croix Avid Spinning RodPin

The St Croix Avid spinning rod might be a good alternative if you’re looking for a bass rod in a similar price bracket. The Avid is built for strength and sensitivity and comes in a range of lengths and power options, letting you choose the size that’s best suited to your techniques.

Fenwicks HMG Spinning Rod

Fenwicks HMG Spinning RodPin

The Fenwicks HMG rod can be a good option if you’re after something a little cheaper than the E6X. The rod features a full cork grip handle and Fuji guides and it’s designed to offer strength and durability. It also comes in a variety of lengths and power options and both one and two piece versions.

Shimano Zodias Casting Rod

Shimano Zodias Casting RodPin

If you’re looking for a different casting rod in the same price range as the E6X, the Shimano Zodias could be a good alternative. It comes in a range of sizes and is designed for improved casting distance, as well as accuracy.

Wrapping Up

G. Loomis E6X Casting RodPin


  • Pro quality features
  • Durable
  • Sensitive
  • Lightweight


  • Not many split grip options

The G. Loomis E6X series of rods can be ideal if you’re looking for a more advanced rod with professional features while sticking to a budget. It features premium materials and can be a good entry level tournament rod.

If you think you might want to grab a G. Loomis casting rod for your next fishing trip, check it out here.

And if the spinning version is more your thing, click here to check that out.

Let us know your thoughts on these rods and share this to let others discover them too.

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