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Top Guadalupe River Fishing Spots – An Angler’s Delight!

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Fishing on the Guadalupe River can be a lot of fun but it can also sometimes be busy, depending on the location and the time of year. But there are some great spots for catching a wide range of fish, including a variety of bass, carp, catfish, and importantly, trout.

If you want to find some of the best spots to fish on the Guadalupe River we have put together a short guide to help you out.

5 Best Places To Fish On The Guadalupe River

1: Camp Huaco Springs

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Courtesy: Bruce Turner on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Camp Huaco Springs in New Braunfels, Texas can be a great spot for both kayak fishing and bank fishing, especially if you’re looking to fly fish for trout. During the winter months, from December 5th to March 6th, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department leases part of the river from the Camp to allow for public fishing access.

You can rent kayaks and arrange shuttles from the campground, which also has plenty of other facilities if you want to camp overnight.

Access is allowed from half an hour before sunrise until half an hour after sunset. The river is stocked with rainbow trout in winter but you can also catch brown trout, smallmouth bass, and Guadalupe bass.

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2: Nichol’s Landing

Nichol’s Landing can be a good spot to launch your kayak into the Guadalupe River. There is a paddling trail that begins here and ends 9.9 miles downstream at Rebecca Creek Crossing. However, there are other take-outs, including one at the FM 311 crossing.

There are parking fees at Nichol’s Landing on weekends, holidays and during the summer but at the FM 311 crossing and Rebecca Creek there are no parking fees.

This can be a relaxing spot to fish, but there are small sections of rapids along the paddling trail, which you may need to portage around if you plan to paddle the entire trail.

3: Guadalupe Park at Canyon Lake

Guadalupe Park at Canyon Lake Fishing SpotPin
Courtesy: Sheffieldb on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

The river at Guadalupe Park is stocked with trout between December and February and can be an ideal spot for fly fishing and launching your kayak. There is also a river hiking trail.

This world-class trout spot can be found just below the Canyon Lake Dam, where you’ll also find parking. However, there is no campground or restrooms at the site.

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Access to the river is free from Guadalupe Park and you can fish all year round. There are slot limits on the trout caught from here to the bridge on FM Road 306. You can only keep trout under 12 inches and over 18 inches, with a maximum daily bag limit of five, but no more than one of your five can be 18 inches or larger.

On the opposite side of the access road from the River Trail parking area lies Canyon Lake, where you’ll find a fishing pier. If you’d rather target bass and catfish, this can be a good spot. There are also other places around the lake where you can launch your kayak.

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4: Guadalupe River State Park

Guadalupe River State Park Fishing SpotPin
Courtesy: Allison Meier on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Guadalupe River State Park is 30 miles north of San Antonio, making it just a short drive from downtown. This can be a great place for families because of all the additional facilities on site. You’ll also find campsites, hiking trails and beautiful scenery. You can even rent fishing gear from the park.

You can launch a kayak from the banks of the river and there’s even a 5 mile paddling trail that ends at Nichol’s Landing if you want to explore as you fish.

There are some spots where you can fish from the banks or wade fish but it might be easier from a kayak because of the vegetation on the banks.

This park can get pretty busy at weekends and during the summer, so it can be best to get there early.

5: Whitewater Sports at Sattler

Just a few minutes east of Canyon Lake Dam you’ll find another great spot for fly fishing for trout. At Whitewater Sports, located at the easternmost bridge on FM 306, you can fly fish from a designated area on the banks of the river during the winter season.

The site is leased by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department from December to March, and is open 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunrise for fishing. You can also launch a kayak or non-motorized boat here during these times for fishing. Non-fishing purposes may be subject to a fee.

You can also paddle from this location to a take-out at Rio Guadalupe Resort (where you can also wade fish), which is just a mile and a half downstream from the put-in at Whitewater Sports.

What Are The Fishing Laws?

Fishing Licenses

  • All anglers aged 17 and over must have a license to fish in Texas
  • A fishing license is not required if fishing within a Texas state park

Bag Limits

  • Maximum 5 trout per day
  • No minimum length

Guadalupe River Section Limits

  • From Guadalupe Park to easternmost bridge on FM 306: 5 trout maximum daily limit (zero between 12 and 18 inches and maximum one over 18 inches)
  • From easternmost bridge on FM 306 to second bridge on River Road: one trout maximum daily limit (minimum length 18 inches)

Final Words

The Guadalupe River is thought to be the most southerly trout stream in the USA, making it an ideal location for fly fishing and kayak fishing. There are many great spots but these are just some of our favorites.

Do you know a better spot on the Guadalupe River? Let us know. And if you found this helpful, share it with your buddies.

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