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Hobie Mirage Eclipse Pedal Board Review

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The Hobie Mirage Eclipse ACX Stand Up Pedal Board is designed to combine the benefits of a stand up paddle board with a pedal kayak. This is a 12 foot pedal board but it also comes in a shorter 10 foot 6 inch version.

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  • Length: 12 foot
  • Width: 35 inches
  • Weight: 58.9 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 275 pounds

This pedal board features a Hobie MirageDrive GT pedal drive system, which allows you to pedal your way across the water without the need for a paddle. The step pedals on the deck power the dual fins underneath and the included rudder can allow you to turn using the handlebars.

It can handle a range of water conditions, which could make it a good choice if you’re looking for a craft that can handle waves, current and flatwater. However, unlike a kayak, this pedal board doesn’t have a seat, so it can be more suited to recreational use, fishing and exercise.

A Hobie Stand Up Pedal Board? Why?

The Mirage Eclipse ACX is a 12 foot pedal board that is designed to offer you power and convenience with the fun of a regular paddle board. It is built as a hybrid craft, combining the features of a pedal kayak with the efficiency and performance of a stand up paddle board.

The added pedal drive system can make it easier to use, especially if you’re not great with paddling or balance, as you can hold on to the handlebars for added support and control.

But you can also remove the pedal drive and use the board as a standard paddle board, giving you added versatility. However, this pedal board may not be as lightweight as some traditional paddle boards, because of the added weight of the drive. This could make it more tricky to transport if you’re on your own.

This pedal board can be great if you’re looking for a stable, easy to use craft that can let you explore bays and other waterways, while adding to your lower body workout. It can be ideal whether you’re new to paddle boarding or not and can even be great if you want to transition from kayaking to stand up paddle boarding.

The Mirage Eclipse ACX is also compatible with many of Hobie’s accessories and mounts, giving you the choice of upgrading it for fishing. However, these accessories are not included with the board.

If you’re looking for a craft that has a lot of room for large amounts of fishing gear or for an extended trip, you may find that a pedal kayak or touring kayak can offer you more in the way of storage and somewhere to sit during a long journey.  

Biggest Features Of The Mirage ACX Pedal Board

While we are going to focus on the 12 foot Mirage Eclipse ACX there is a shorter version. The 10 foot 6 inch model is similar in many of its features but is narrower at 33.5 inches wide and a little lighter at 54 pounds.

The shorter version has a lower weight capacity of 225 pounds so it could be more suited to shorter or smaller paddlers. The short size of the board may also mean that you will generally have less overall space, for example for storage and standing, which may be an issue if you want to bring along extra gear or if you plan on moving around.

However, the 10.5 pedal board could be ideal if you’re looking for a craft that’s easier to maneuver. Its more compact size could also make it more convenient for transporting or storing at home.

Removable Pedal Drive System

One of the main features of the Mirage Eclipse ACX is the pedal drive system. It features the MirageDrive GT pedal drive with dual fins under the board that are propelled by the foot pedals on the top of the board. 

Video: MirageDrive GT For Hobie Kayaks

The foot pedals can be operated by stepping on them, similar to the steppers/step machines you may have seen in gyms or parks.

The pedal drive can allow you to move forwards only. The step pedals can be used to improve your leg workout and can give you a quicker, potentially easier way of moving across the water without the need for a paddle.

The pedal drive system can be removed, so when you want to change-up your workout, you can use the board as a traditional paddle board. But you will need to purchase a paddle separately.

Another useful feature of the MirageDrive pedal system is that the fins can flip up against the board to avoid damage when you’re in the shallows or heading back to the beach.

Room For Gear

A handy feature of the Mirage ACX is the bungee rigging on the deck. This is conveniently located just behind the pedals and can be used to hold a cooler for a picnic or a dry bag with some spare clothing. You could also store a fishing crate on this storage deck.

The board has a weight capacity of 275 pounds, so you should be able to bring along your essentials, as long as you store them in watertight packs and secure them to the deck.

Go Fishing

With this pedal board being a pretty stable craft, it could provide you with an excellent fishing platform.

The pedal drive and the handlebars mean you could pedal over to your fishing spot quickly and quietly and because you stand to pedal, you may find you have a better vantage point for sight fishing, compared to sitting down in a kayak or other vessel.

Unlike some pedal fishing kayaks, this pedal board can be operated entirely without a paddle. This could mean you have your hands free for fishing, rather than worrying about losing your paddle. If you’re looking to change direction, however, you will need to use your hands, as the rudder is operated via the handlebars.

The board is designed to work with some of Hobie’s other accessories, including the Trax cart, which can be used to help you get your board and fishing gear from your car to the water. The front and rear carry handles can be useful for pulling along on a cart or carrying.

It is also designed to be compatible with the Hobie H-Crate which can be secured to the bungee rigging storage behind the foot pedals. This is sold separately but can give you some extra fishing features, such as rod holders.

Adjustable Handlebars

The handlebars can be adjusted between 36 and 43 inches in height so that the pedal board can be used by both children and adults. If you want to use the board as a standard paddle board the handlebars can be completely removed, giving you more space on deck to move around.

Removing the handlebars can also make it easier to transport the board and store it at home.


The Mirage Eclipse ACX is designed for optimum stability. It is 35 inches wide which can be wider than many traditional paddle boards. This can give you a wider, more stable surface to stand on and can feel more comfortable for beginners, with more room to move around.

The board is also built to provide improved stability in waves and wind, which could make it a good choice for exploring coastlines and bays where there may be wake from other recreational vessels.

Video: Hobie Mirage Eclipse Pedalboard: Features Overview

Like many paddle boards, this pedal board has an EVA deck pad for added grip and comfort for barefoot standing and pedaling.

While the board is designed for increased stability, it can also be quick across the water, especially when you’re using the pedal drive, because of the streamlined shape of the board. The added power from the pedal drive with the help of the rudder can also help to combat the effects of current, helping you to stay on track to your destination.

Kick-Up Rudder

The rudder can be useful in helping you steer your pedal board. It is controlled using the handlebars. The control on the left handle can be used to turn left and the right one to turn right, so it can be easy for all ages to operate.

The rudder can be automatically kicked up if it comes into contact with underwater objects, which can be helpful if you’re in shallow water. It can also be fixed into position if you want to use the board as a traditional paddle board. Additionally, you can remove it for storage and transportation.

It’s not just us who think the Mirage Eclipse pedal board can be a great way to enjoy the water, even dogs seem to enjoy the experience:

Alternatives To The Eclipse ACX Pedal Board

Pau Hana Endurance XL Stand Up Paddle Board

The Pau Hana Endurance XL is a 12 foot stand up paddle board that might be a good alternative to the Eclipse ACX if you’re looking for added features for fishing. This one has four through-holes that can be ideal for an anchor stake or using your fish finder.

While this board does not have a pedal drive it does have 35 anchor points to let you secure your gear to the deck so that you can spend longer on the water. It also has an advanced weight capacity of 417 pounds (or 237 pounds if you’re a beginner).

It’s a little narrower than the Mirage Eclipse, at 30 inches, but it’s also lighter weight, weighing just 31 pounds 8 ounces. It’s built to be quick over the water and easy to turn and could be ideal for exploring ocean bays.

Hobie Mirage Passport 12

If you like the idea of pedal power but you’d prefer more storage options for longer trips, the Hobie Mirage Passport 12 could be a good alternative. This recreational pedal kayak can be ideal for flatwater adventures and fishing trips.

It has a high 400 pound weight capacity and has plenty of space to store gear on deck and a sealed hatch for keeping small items dry. It features a MirageDrive Classic pedal drive system with dual fins under the hull, letting you power yourself over the water using your legs.

It’s a stable craft that even has a standing platform if you want to stand to fish or just stretch your legs.


What Is The Best Length To Get?

This may depend on your height and weight and what you want to use the pedal board for. Children and smaller adults may prefer the shorter 10 foot 6 pedal board but the 12 foot version could be a more versatile option for a wider range of paddlers. The 12 foot board also has a higher weight capacity than the shorter one.

Is This Good For Fishing?

This could be good for fishing and can be compatible with Hobie’s H-Crate if you want to add additional features and rod holders (sold separately). It is also designed to be very stable, which could give you a suitable and spacious platform for fishing.

How Hard Are These To Use?

These are designed to be pretty stable and the step pedals can be easy to use for all ages and skill levels. The handlebars could give you a little extra reassurance if you’re a beginner as it can give you something to hold on to, so that you can stabilize yourself and change direction when required.

Our Final Words

Mirage Eclipse ACXPin


  • Easy to use for all ages
  • Stable platform
  • Suitable for different heights
  • Pedal drive system


  • Expensive
  • Forward-only pedal drive

The Hobie Mirage Eclipse ACX pedal board can be a fun way to get out on the water. It can give you the benefits of a pedal kayak and a paddle board in one versatile vessel. It is stable, easy to use and can be ideal for recreation and exercise as well as for fishing.

If you like the idea of being able to easily switch between pedaling and paddling then you can check out the Mirage ACX pedal board here. Let us know what you think of it and share this with your friends if you want them to join you on your water adventures.

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