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Kayak Names For Your Boat – with Funny Ideas!

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We know you don’t absolutely have to name your kayak. But it can definitely be fun!

Lots of people name all sorts of their belongings, so it’s no surprise that some people like to name their kayaks. Bigger boats have names, so it makes sense to name your kayak!

Be creative – you can opt for a nautical name or a movie name. Or you could choose a name that’s inspired by the color of your kayak. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to naming your kayak.

You don’t need to go for the traditional female names like many large boats either.

Giving your kayak a name might help you look after it better, especially if you give it a human name like it’s one of your kids. Just like people name their cars, a kayak name can reflect your personality. Even better that you can stick the name on the side with a decal and let everyone know who you are and what you’re about.

We’ve made a list of some kayak names for inspiration.

50 Kayak Names To Call Your Boat - Pinterest ImagePin

50 Kayak Names – Some Funny, Some Not!

1: Bluey

Blue kayak on the shorePin
Courtesy: Cindy Shebley on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

This is a simple name but a classic one for blue kayaks. There are plenty of people with cars called Bluey so it can be a great name if your kayak is any shade of blue.

You could even kick it up a notch and alter it. For example, Little Blue, Ol’ Blue, or whatever else you can come up with that suits the look of your boat. 

2: Big Bassy

This can be a fun name for a big fishing kayak. Even better if you like to fish for big bass.

This name might work better if your kayak looks a similar color to a bass fish. It probably won’t work as well if your kayak is bright yellow. Or maybe you want the irony.

3: Ruby

Ruby red kayak at the lakePin
Courtesy: Trine Syvertsen on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

This name is taken from The Wizard of Oz. If your kayak is ruby red just like Dorothy’s ruby slippers, this can be the ideal name.

It also gives your boat a little touch of magic. And maybe it’ll help you find your way home more easily after each trip (although we’d recommend a map and a GPS just in case).

4: Shark Bait

Kayak fishing on sunsetPin
Courtesy: Debonila Sen on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

While nobody wants to be shark bait, it can be a good name for a kayak. It can work well for a range of kayaks in different colors and sizes. But it might be better suited to kayaks that actually take to the ocean.

An ocean fishing kayak would suit this best.

5: Gator Bait

Kayaker paddling on the river swapPin
Courtesy: Dan Catchpole on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Just like Shark Bait above, Gator Bait can be an ideal name for a fishing kayak if you live in alligator territory. Just make sure you don’t inadvertently become gator bait.

Imagine cruising through the swamps of Florida or Louisiana in your boldly named craft.

6: Buttercup

Buttercup can add visions of prettiness and flowers to a bright yellow kayak. This can be better suited to a recreational kayak or touring kayak. It just doesn’t sound like Buttercup would do a great job fishing – especially being bright and colorful.

7: Ugly Betty

You can probably imagine kayaks that are called Ugly Betty. They’ve taken a bit of a beating over the years and have seen a little too much sun from what we can tell.

Ugly Betty can be the ideal name for an old, trusty kayak that has seen better days.

8: Old Yeller

Taken from the movie of the same name, Old Yeller can be a great name for a kayak. Whether your kayak is old and yellow, new and yellow, or not yellow at all, it can be an ideal name for a much-loved kayak.

A kayak with this name will be your loyal companion, joining you on all your adventures.

9: Sunshine

Another fantastic name for a yellow kayak. A name like Sunshine can make you feel good.

So, when you take to the water in Sunshine, you can feel like your day is only going to get better, with clear blue skies ahead.

10: The Flying Peapod

A fun choice for a bright green kayak, The Flying Peapod can take you on exciting adventures downriver. Your kayak doesn’t need to be a whitewater kayak to pull off this speedy name. It can be a swift touring kayak or a fun recreational kayak.

This could also be a great name for a tandem kayak – you and your partner could be two peas in a pod. 

11: Purple Haze

Pay homage to the guitar legend that is Jimi Hendrix by naming your kayak after his classic Purple Haze song.

This probably only works if your kayak is purple. Or, go all out with some purple accessories for a real Purple Haze theme.

12: The Orca

Your kayak probably doesn’t look like an orca but naming it after a sea mammal can be pretty fun. It can be an ode to the ocean.

With orcas being relatively large creatures, this name might work well on kayaks that are on the bigger side of the size scale.

13: Kermit

Our favorite green Muppet inspires the next kayak name on our list. Kermit can be the perfect name for your trusty green kayak.

I guess your kayak doesn’t have to be green to have this name but it might make more sense if it is.

14: The Pequod

While we hope your kayak doesn’t suffer the same fate as the Pequod ship in Herman Melville’s novel, Moby Dick, this can be a great name for a kayak with big dreams.

You might not be harpooning whales like Captain Ahab but you could be hooking big bass on the end of a fishing line. Just be careful you don’t entangle yourself in your line like Ahab.

15: The Black Pearl

The famous (or infamous) Black Pearl from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise can be a stand-out name for a black or dark-colored kayak.

If you have ambitions of paddling around uninhabited islands in search of treasure or the Fountain of Youth, this can be an ideal name. Black sails and skull and crossbones optional.

16: Moana

This can be a pretty name with more of a feminine touch. Pay homage to the Disney Princess, Moana and imagine yourself setting sail (or paddling) around Polynesia.

While Moana may not be in a kayak when she sets off on her adventures, she’s in an outrigger canoe, so it’s close. Maybe you could add outriggers to your kayak for a more authentic look.

17: Rapid Runner

If you love running rapids, what better name for your kayak than Rapid Runner. This can be the ideal name for your whitewater kayak or playboat.

Having this name on the side of your boat could also let your competitors know that you mean business.

18: Snow Pea

Snow Pea is a similar name to one of our previous options, The Flying Peapod, in that they are both ideal for green kayaks.

This could suit little green kayaks that take you on relaxing adventures across crystal clear lakes.

19: The Big Green Fishing Machine

Another great name for your fishing kayak, especially if you regularly haul in monster fish. If your kayak is big and heavy, and rigged to the max then this name could be perfect. Let your buddies know it’s game on when you hit the lake.

20: Windjammer

While your kayak may not have the sails of a traditional windjammer (or maybe it does), this can be a great nautical name for a kayak or any seafaring craft.

You don’t have to be paddling on the high seas. Recline your seat, feel the wind in your hair and set off on a paddling adventure across your favorite lake in your very own Windjammer.

21: The Ugly Duckling

We all know the fairy tale of the same name. Calling your kayak The Ugly Duckling can show people that even though it might be ugly on the outside, it can be graceful on the water with its high performance hull (and expert paddler in the cockpit). 

22: Dock-topus

A fun name for any boat – especially if you paddle near the deepest, darkest ocean waters. Maybe you don’t paddle anywhere near octopus territory. But who really knows what’s lurking under those brackish waters where you kayak.

23: The Wind Ranger

You’ve heard of the Lone Ranger, but The Wind Ranger is entirely different. This can be wind’s best friend or its foe.

Maybe it’s an inflatable kayak that gets blown around in the wind. Maybe it’s a streamlined, aerodynamic sea kayak that cuts through wind and waves. The choice is yours.

24: Wave Runner

A great name for a kayak that can handle surf and rough water. It’s not Roadrunner (beep beep), it’s Wave Runner. Let everyone know you can move with speed and full control when you’re riding over rapids and waves.

Whether you have a buoyant inflatable kayak or a fun little playboat, this can be a good choice of name to reflect your boat’s performance.

25: Yakety Yak

No, it’s not the famous song by The Coasters, but it can be. This could be a good one if you love an alliteration (who doesn’t?).

This could suit any kayak of any color or size. Plus, the name will look great emblazoned on the side of your kayak with a decal.

26: Roller

Maybe you don’t intend to roll your kayak. Or maybe you do. If you like to do Eskimo rolls in your boat, this could be the ideal name.

27: Piglet

A perfect name for a little pink kayak. Think Winnie the Pooh rather than your typical baby pig.

28: Queen Elsa

The Queen of Frozen inspires this regal name. Kayaks with this name should be able to handle anything.

29: Tipsy

For a cute little rocky kayak. Maybe you’ll flip, maybe you won’t.

30: The Raft

For your trusty flat bottomed friend that takes things slow but gets you from A to B safely.

31: Sidewinder

Maybe the tracking isn’t so great on this sidewinding kayak.

32: New Kid On The Dock

The “New Kids” are pretty old now, so your kayak doesn’t need to be new on the dock for this name.

33: Big Nauti

Nautical naughtiness inspires this name for a big, heavy kayak.

34: Jack The ‘Yak

A nice human name for your kayak. You can’t go wrong with that.

35: Del Boy

Maybe you know about this old British classic TV show, maybe you don’t. But a kayak called Del Boy could get you up to mischief.

36: Little Puffin

A cute, friendly-looking seabird is the inspiration behind this name. It’s an ideal choice for your favorite recreational kayak.

37: The Marlin

Whether you plan to target marlin while fishing or you just want to enjoy the scenery on your adventures. This can be a good name for an ocean fishing kayak.

38: Homer

A big yellow kayak can suit a name like Homer – a big, yellow character from the Simpsons. You thought we meant the Greek philosopher? Maybe we did.

39: The Swamp Monster

Paddling through the Southern swamps in The Swamp Monster can give you the courage to extend your trip into an overnight adventure.

40: The Little Mermaid

Inspired by the Danish fairy tale, this can be a cute name for any kayak, especially for kids.

41: Sea Spray

A fresh ocean name for a sea kayak. You can almost smell the salty air.

42: Shrek

If you have a big green kayak, Shrek can be a great name. Ugly kayaks deserve love too, you know.

43: The Boofer

This is one for the experienced whitewater kayakers out there. An ideal name for a creek boat that’s good at boofing.

44: Banana Boat

A big, yellow tandem kayak can suit this fruity name. Tandem or not, it’s cute.

45: Spongebob

We hope your kayak doesn’t absorb water quite like a sponge (or live under the sea) but Spongebob can be an ideal name for a yellow kayak.

Maybe you could paint some brown shorts at one end.

46: Eddy

Who doesn’t love some river terminology that can sound like a human name?

Eddy might work better for river kayaks than other kayaks, so that you at least get to experience some eddies while you’re paddling in Eddy the kayak.

47: Zuri

Taken from the azure color of the ocean and some lakes. This name might suit a beautiful blue kayak.

48: Dipper

Do you like to jump on and off your kayak for the occasional swim? Or maybe your kayak tips you in for a dip without warning? Either way, Dipper could work.

49: Frogger

Like the game, but not quite. A fun name for a frog-green fishing kayak, whether your kayak bounces over the lily pads or not.

50: Water You Lookin’ At?

A fun name for any boat that doesn’t need much explaining. But it might make people think you’re not to be messed with.

What Did You Name Your Kayak?

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our list of kayak names and got some inspiration for naming your kayak. Remember, you might take better care of your boat once it has an appealing name.

There are lots of names to choose to express your personality and the personality of your boat.

Have you named your kayak? Maybe you’ve named your car or bike? Share your ideas with us and tell us why you chose that name.

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