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Lifetime Manta Tandem Sit on Top Kayak with Paddles and Backrests

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The Lifetime Manta Sit-on top Kayak is a recreational kayak for solo or tandem use. In fact, up to 3 people can jump on board.

It’s perfect for all-round use, specifically for beginners, but experienced kayakers will also get plenty of pleasure from it.

Lifetime Manta 100 Tandem Kayak NEW
  • Length – 10 Feet
  • Width – 36 Inches
  • Weight – 66 Pounds
  • Max Weight Capacity – 500 lbs

There are plenty of cool add-ons that make the Manta more than just a means to get around on water. With a fishing rod holder and the option to attach a sail, there are plenty of uses for this versatile kayak.

Lifetime Manta Tandem Sit on Top Kayak Features

Here’s a list of the key features…

3 Contoured Seats With 2 Padded Backrests

There are three seats molded within. Two of the seats have backrests (for the paddlers) for extra comfort on longer trips. This is ideal for a small family – 2 adults and a child.

The Manta can hold up to 500 lbs in total, so no worries about sinking if you have a lot of stuff to bring!

There are several foot rest positions, so no matter how long or short your legs are, you should be comfortable.

Includes Lightweight Paddles

Two push-button symmetrical aluminum paddles are included. Totaling 7 feet in length, they can be adjusted (up to 90 degrees) to different angles depending on your paddling style.

The paddles float and have vinyl grip, helping you to have complete control while you paddle.

Cargo Storage With Shock Straps

There’s a storage area located at the bow end, so you can bring food, drinks, fishing equipment or anything else you need for an outing.

Shock straps (bungee cords) can be used to fasten your supplies down safely, and there are ditty trays for storing any smaller bits and pieces you bring with you.

There’s also a paddle cradle, so you can store your paddles securely if you are just floating around, and a bottle holder to hold your drinks.

Stable Tunnel Hull Design

The Manta has a specially designed tunnel hull to increase stability and track while paddling.

Stay Dry

This is a SOT (Sit-on top) kayak, that Lifetime like to call “High and Dry”. SOT kayaks can at times leak water over the top if you start paddling hard. To counter this, there are scupper holes to drain away any excess water from the cockpit area.

Gone Fishin’

The Manta has a fishing rod holder for the anglers among you. Store the rest of your gear in the cargo area…making this a good fishing kayak, especially for beginners.

Attach A Sail

There’s a mast receiver receptacle, so you can attach a sail should you want some wind assistance.

Easy To Carry

Weighing 66 pounds and with carrying handles at the front and rear, Lifetime have provided a kayak that can be moved around over land as well as the water.


Lifetime Manta 100 Tandem Kayak NEW


  • Excellent stability and almost impossible to tip over, according to customers. Even in the sea, with 3 ft waves, it can hold its own.
  • Plenty of room for 3 (or more if taking small kids), great for some light-hearted family adventure.
  • Tall & short paddlers should find it comfortable.


  • Not the best kayak for long distance adventures, due to the fact it doesn’t travel particularly fast. But that is expected given how inexpensive the Manta is (and the fact that it’s a recreational ‘yak).
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