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Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 10 Fishing Kayak Review

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Sometimes when you’re out kayak fishing, being able to use your feet to power you through the water might seem like a better option than paddling; especially when you’re actively fishing. With the Slayer Propel 10 fishing kayak you can do just that.

So whether you want to eat a snack while heading to that perfect fishing spot, or take full control of the catch at the end of your line, this pedal yak might just allow you that hands free experience you’ve been looking for. But will it be the right one for you?

Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 10 KayakPin
  • Length: 10 feet
  • Width: 34 inches
  • Depth: 13 inches
  • Weight: 62 pounds (81 pounds rigged)
  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds

Slayer Propel Overview

pedal-powered kayak can give you hours of fun on the water, without tiring out your arms. By using your feet to push yourself across the water, you are able to free up your arms to fish, take photographs or use binoculars to watch wildlife.

These types of fishing yaks can be ideal if you’re after a vessel that’s relatively easy to use. Pedaling can also give you a good workout for your lower body.

However, pedal power can have its drawbacks. For instance, these types of yaks are often heavier than standard ones and weigh even more once their pedal systems are installed. So this could make it more difficult to transport if you’re on your own.

With the propellers underneath the hull you will also have to be mindful of where you take it. For example, shallow, weedy or rocky zones are probably not going to be good for you or your propellers.

So before you splash out on this craft, think about where you’ll be fishing.

Top Features Of The Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 10

The Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 10 is a 10 foot fishing kayak that has the added benefit of a pedal system, so you can power it with your feet and free up your hands for more fishing. This yak boasts being the lightest 10 foot pedal powered fishing kayak on the market and is compact enough to fit in the back of a truck.

If you prefer the idea of pedaling over paddling then this one might be a good choice for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a yak that you can take to fish just about anywhere then this one might not be ideal, as you will need to think of the clearance underneath the propellers.

Propel Pedal Drive System

The main feature of this fishing yak is the pedal drive system. Rotational pedals in the cockpit power the propeller under the hull, so just like riding a bike, you can pedal your way across the water without really needing to use your hands. However, you may still need a padel to steer or turn quickly.

With the rotational pedals on this craft you are able to move both forwards and backwards, by simply rotating the pedals in the opposite direction. This might make it a little easier to maneuver when you’re on the water. You might find pedaling easier than paddling if you don’t have much in the way of paddling technique, so this could be ideal if you have little or no kayaking experience.

This one also comes complete with a pre-installed rudder, with the control at the left hand side. So when you’re in water with stronger currents, you should find it easier to head straight.

While the pedals can be handy to have, because of the space they take up, this can reduce the amount of storage space you have on the deck. But with this one the storage is maximized, so you do still have a large storage hatch at the bow (and a smaller one behind the seat) and the tank well with bungee cords at the back. And with the huge weight capacity of 400 pounds, you can still load it up with quite a lot of gear.

Hull Design

The hull design of this craft is what helps to maximize its stability. It has a tunnel shaped hull, like a pontoon, which gives it strong primary and secondary stability. This means it should have excellent stability in both calm and choppy conditions.

Being short at 10 feet long and having a comparatively wide hull, at 34 inches, also helps to boost its stability. And because of this, you can actually stand up in it, which can really help you when you’re fishing. There is even deck padding for your feet to give you better grip when you’re standing.

Fish In Comfort

This kayak features a comfortable seat that can be easily adjusted forwards and backwards, so you can both reach the pedals and move it out of the way when you’re standing.

This is a craft that’s designed for fishing and you can see that in the extra features. One of the handiest features on this yak is the gear tracks – both in front of the seat and behind, so there are plenty of options for attaching fish finders, GPS, GoPro and whatever else you might need.

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Slayer Propel Alternatives

Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 13

If you like the features on the Propel 10 but want a little more storage space then the Slayer Propel 13 could be a good alternative. It’s 13 foot 2 inches long and 33 inches wide but costs a little more.

The extra length and narrower width means it’s likely to be faster in the water. It has a massive 500 pound capacity but that also means it weighs more, at 89 pounds and 108 pounds rigged.

Old Town Predator PDL

Old Town Predator PDL KayakPin

The Predator PDL is a longer yak, which is also a little more expensive but it’s also wider at 36 inches. It’s stable, with many similar fishing features, including rod holders and removable mounting plates. The storage areas aren’t as large but there’s still a 500 pound capacity.

Perception Pescador Pilot

Perception Pescador 12.0 PilotPin

For a cheaper alternative the 12 foot Pescador Pilot could be a good option. It’s got plenty of open storage and fishing features, including rod holders and gear tracks, as well as paddle holder. It also comes with a rudder and removable seat.

Winding Up

Watercraft Slayer Propel 10 KayakPin


  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Stable for standing


  • Heavier than traditional yak
  • Not ideal for shallow water

The Slayer Propel 10 can be a great vessel for letting you get out on the water easily without having to be a skilled paddler. The pedals let you free up your hands for fishing or photography and the stable hull means you can stand up easily.

While this vessel may not be the best choice for everyone, it does let you fish in a range of conditions. There’s also adequate storage for a day on the water, whether you’re fishing or simply enjoying a lower body workout.

But why not check it out for yourself and if you’ve enjoyed this or have anything you want to add, just let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to share this review with your friends and family.

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  1. I recently purchased a used like new one for $800. Would I pay retail? Absolutely not. You’d need to buy every single berleypro fix/upgrade to make it good. The entire rudder system needs to be revamped in order to perform well. Coming from a Hobie Vantage seat to this native seat is a huge downgrade as I start getting pain a couple hours into fishing. That wasn’t a problem with my Hobie seat after 14 HOUR days. Overall though for $800, I’m happy with it.


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