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Ocean Kayak Frenzy Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

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Great for recreation…whether you want to go for a light paddle, exploring, casual fishing or swimming, the Ocean Kayak Frenzy is perfect for you.

It’s an all-round recreational kayak which beginners can use with ease, including your children. Ideally suited for flatter waters, including mild rivers. This makes it an excellent choice for families.

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  • Length – 9 feet
  • Width – 31 Inches
  • Weight – 44 lbs
  • Max Weight Capacity – 275 to 325 lbs

Ocean Kayak Frenzy Kayak Features

So what features does it have that make it such a good all-round choice?

Tri-Form Hull

This is a great kayak for stability. With its Tri Form hull, tracking and steadiness is improved to make you feel more comfortable paddling around.

This makes it great for the adults and the kids to explore rivers, lakes and the sea safely.

The PVC hull design makes the Frenzy easy to stack, so if you plan on getting more than one, they can be kept in the garage without taking up much space.

Adjustable Padded Seat

With its Comfort Plus seats, you can kayak around for hours with less chance of experiencing back fatigue. It adjusts 4 ways so you can find the position that suits you and all the family members too.

Multiple Footwells

The molded-in footwells provide the perfect sitting position suited to your height. There are four sets of footwells in total to choose from.

Easy To Transport

At 9 feet long and weighing only 43 pounds, moving the kayak from your home to the water isn’t difficult.

It has carrying handles at both the bow and stern ends, as well as on the sides, so it can easily be lifted on top of your car or in the back of the truck.

Kick Back & Relax

Time to relax! There’s a cup holder on board for your drinks – perfect for sitting back and relaxing after all that paddling!

The front and rear of the kayak have bungee cords (removable) so you can bring supplies with you – great for taking food or fishing equipment.

Frenzy Kayak Colors

  • Envy Green
  • Yellow
  • Sunrise Orange

Replaceable Rear Skid Plate

To protect the Frenzy kayak from wear and tear, there’s a rear skid plate for added durability.

Scupper Holes

There are self-bailing scupper holes to stop the kayak flooding from water coming in over the deck. On very flat rides, when you are confident water will not come in over the deck, medium scupper stoppers can be purchased separately should you want to remain dry.

Lightweight Aluminium Shaft Paddle

Designed to maximize efficiency and minimize fatigue, the asymmetrical design helps you make good, clean strokes as you paddle. This Carlisle Day Tripper 2.3 mtr paddle is made from aluminum so its extra light, helping your arms.

Coming in two pieces, it makes for compact storage. The blades are adjustable (0° and 60°)


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  • Because of its stability, it’s fairly easy to get back into the Ocean Kayak Frenzy should you venture off for a swim as reported by customers.
  • The Ocean Kayak Frenzy has loads of storage room for fishing gear or scuba diving equipment if you’re feeling particularly adventurous.
  • According to customers it also has plenty of legroom, so suits everyone, short and tall.


  • If you are an extra-large kayaker, the 18” seat mold may not be wide enough for you.
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