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Sea Eagle SE9 Inflatable Boat Review

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Let’s talk boats…

The Sea Eagle SE9 is an 11 foot inflatable boat that is built for a range of activities. It has space for up to four adults and comes in a choice of packages to best suit your needs. 

Basic packages include a foot pump and a set of oars, as well as a small repair kit and inflatable seats.

  • Length: 11 foot
  • Width: 56 inches
  • Weight: 35 pounds (51 pounds with motor mount and inflatable floor)
  • Weight Capacity: 1200 pounds

This lightweight boat can be ideal for fishing, exploring bays and lakes, running mild to moderate rapids and as convenient ship-to-shore boats for larger vessels.

The SE9 Is For…

The Sea Eagle SE9 is designed to offer convenience and durability in an affordable package. It can be a great choice if you have nowhere suitable to store a traditional boat as this one can be packed into a carry bag measuring just 26 by 26 by 10 inches.

This means you can easily store it in a closet at home or load it into the trunk of your car. It can also be a great option to store on RVs or larger boats.

This can be a good compact boat for family days out or even for a solo fishing trip. You even have the option of attaching a motor mount (included with some packages) and a motor for increased power over the water.

The SE9 can perform well on flatwater and up to Class III rapids so it can offer a good level of versatility when it comes to paddling locations. However, because it’s lightweight it may not perform at its best in windy conditions.

Main Features Of The Sea Eagle SE9

High Capacity

One of the great features of the Sea Eagle SE9 is that it has a very high weight capacity of 1200 pounds. This means you can load it with gear for a camping trip or a long day of fishing. It’s also pretty spacious, with room for up to four adults.

However, you may find that if you have four adults on board your storage space could be limited. But it can be rowed or motor operated on your own, if you’re looking for extra space.

Stable Floor

The Sea Eagle SE9 is a stable boat that can be ideal for both flatwater and mild whitewater. The 4 inch thick floor is made from 38 mil PolyKrylar for durability and strength and benefits from having a nylon fabric shell for increased secondary protection.

The floor can be inflated to 2 psi which can create a more rigid feel than some floors with a lower psi pressure level. The higher pressure inflatable floor means you can stand up in the boat to fish or move around. This can also make it feel more comfortable and stable for a dog to stand on.

Video: Sea Eagle Fish-n-Troll™ Setup Instructions

The boat also comes with two inflatable bench-style seats. One is 13 inches high, which can be ideal for sight fishing and more comfortable for rowing. The other is 4 inches high, so you can sit lower in the boat for added safety or comfort.


One of the main features of this boat is that it’s portable. It’s designed to be easy to store and convenient to take with you in the back of your car, truck, RV or large boat. The included compact foot pump means you can set it up at the water’s edge.

It’s lightweight, weighing just 35 pounds without the floor or motor mount. This means you should be able to get it from A to B easily. There are carry handles around the boat to make it easy to carry when it’s inflated, as well as perimeter deck lines that you can grab.

When it’s deflated it can be easily carried inside the included storage bag. The boat is also pretty compact both when deflated and inflated, allowing you to move around more easily both on land and on the water.

Motor Compatible

Another handy feature of this little boat is that it can handle either a gas or electric motor. However, not all of the packages come with a motor mount and a mount would generally be required to install a motor on this inflatable boat.

The SE9 can handle up to a 3 horsepower gas motor weighing up to 44 pounds, as long as it has a minimum shaft of 20 inches. If you want to add an electric motor the SE9 can take motors up to 74 pound thrust with a minimum shaft height of 30 inches.

The SE9 Package Options


This is the standard package that comes with a foot pump, the 13 inch and 4 inch inflatable seats, a small repair kit, a set of aluminum shaft 2 piece oars with plastic blades, an inflatable floor and a carry bag.

Fisherman’s Dream

This comes with everything that’s included with the Startup package but has a motor mount included. This can be ideal if you already own your own suitable motor.

Watersnake Motor

The Watersnake Motor package comes with all the accessories found on the Fisherman’s Dream package but with the added benefit of having a Watersnake Venom 34 pound thrust electric motor included. The motor can be used in both saltwater and freshwater.

Watersnake Motor Canopy

This package comes with everything you find in the Watersnake Motor package plus the extra feature of a canopy, which can help to protect you from rain or sun.


This is a dedicated fishing package that comes with everything in the Watersnake Motor Canopy package with the addition of the Fish-n-Troll feature. This is a 48 by 8 inch bench that can be easily mounted to the boat. It includes two Scotty rod holders, Scotty deck mounts and can be ideal for holding both baitcasters and spinning reels.

Honda Motor

The Honda Motor package comes with everything that you see in the Fisherman’s Dream package but with the added feature of the Honda 2.3L gas powered motor.

Other users also think the Sea Eagle SE9 is a lightweight and versatile boat:

Sea Eagle SE9 Alternatives

Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler 110 HB Inflatable Kayak

Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler 110 HB Inflatable KayakPin

The Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler is a 10 foot 6 inch inflatable kayak that can be a great alternative if you’re looking for a higher performance fishing vessel.

This boat has a removable skeg for open water tracking and has five Scotty compatible mounts for attaching rod holders and accessories.

It’s lightweight, has a capacity of 400 pounds and is stable enough to stand in. It comes with a padded seat with seat back and a backpack to carry it in. It doesn’t include a pump.

Sea Eagle 385FTA FastTrack Angler Inflatable Kayak

Sea Eagle 385FTA FastTrack Angler Inflatable KayakPin

The Sea Eagle 385FTA FastTrack Angler is a 12 foot 6 inch fishing kayak that’s designed to hold up to three people.

It has a capacity of 635 pounds and can be easily paddled solo. It features plenty of space, a non-slip EVA foam deck for standing, a removable skeg and built-in rod and tool holders.

Its package options can include a swivel seat and paddle.

Perception Outlaw 11.5 Kayak

If you’d prefer more of a traditional sit-on-top kayak, the Perception Outlaw 11.5 might be a good alternative.

It has a stable 11 foot 6 inch hull with a padded non-slip deck that’s designed for standing and casting. It also benefits from having an ergonomic high back elevated seat, built-in rod holders and a large rear tank well for holding a cooler or crate.

It has a 425 pound capacity and weighs 77 pounds.

> Read more on the Outlaw 11.5

SE9: Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Pump Included?

Yes, a foot pump is included with every Sea Eagle SE9 boat package.

Is The Deck Sturdy Enough To Fish From While Standing?

Yes, the reinforced inflatable floor is designed to create a rigid surface that can be suitable for standing.

Is The SE9 Durable?

Yes, this is a durable boat made with 38 mil PolyKrylar with a puncture resistant nylon exterior on the floor for added protection. There are also four separate air chambers to help with safety and maintain flotation in the event that one chamber suffers a puncture.

Final Words


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store and transport
  • High weight capacity
  • Space for up to 4 adults


  • No seat backs for seats
  • No rod holders as standard

If you’re looking for an affordable boat that’s easy to take on all your excursions, the Sea Eagle SE9 could be a great choice. It has a high capacity and can be ideal for families or solo adventurers, with the various packages making it easy to choose the right set-up for your planned activities.

Check out the boat and packages for yourself here. Tell us how you get on and remember to share this with your boating buddies.

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