Shimano Stimula Spinning Rod Review

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With so many different fishing rods out there, it can be difficult to make the right choice, especially if you’re looking for a spinning rod and want to stick to a budget.

The Stimula sits in the budget-to-medium priced category, so it might appeal to you if you’re upgrading,  or if you want to add to your already abundant collection and you don’t want to break the bank.

We’ve put together a quick roundup of the main features to help you decide if it could make your next fishing outing a good one

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  • Length: Ranges from 5 foot 6 inches to 7 foot
  • Power: Ultra light to medium heavy

The Shimano Stimula Spinning Rod Is For…

If you’re looking for a spinning rod that offers good value then the Shimano Stimula could be a good option. It is designed primarily for freshwater fishing and comes in a range of lengths and power options for different styles of fishing.

The range offers ultra light, medium light, medium and medium heavy rods and the lengths vary from 5 foot 6 inches up to 7 feet, so they can be a useful option for lighter weight fishing.

If you’re looking for a rod that is designed with heavy duty saltwater fishing in mind, then this may not be the right rod for you. Similarly, if you’re looking for a high end or professional rod with lots of premium features, there may be other rods (in a higher price bracket) out there that will be better suited to your budget.

However, the Shimano Stimula rod could be a great choice if you’re a beginner or a casual angler looking for a durable spinning rod for catching bass, trout or other freshwater species.

Shimano Stimula: The Main Features

The Shimano Stimula spinning rods are designed to offer durability and strength. They come in either one or two pieces and come in a range of lengths so you can choose the best size for your fishing style.

Freshwater Fishing

The Shimano Stimula is a spinning rod that is designed for freshwater applications. However, it can be used for saltwater fishing, if you’re targeting smaller saltwater species close to shore but is not designed for offshore fishing.

The Stimula rods all feature a fast action tip, which can be ideal for bass fishing and where casting distance is less important.


The Shimano Stimula rod is made composite graphite which is designed to add durability while keeping the rod feeling light in your hand. It features a cork handle which, as well as feeling lightweight, can help to improve the sensitivity of the rod.


The graphite composite rod is designed for durability and it also features tough aluminum oxide guides, which are crafted to reduce line wear and prevent snags, meaning you can spend more time fishing and less time worrying about broken lines.

The aluminum oxide also provides added corrosion resistance to the guides, which can be useful in any water conditions, but could come in handy if you’re fishing in saltwater.

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One Or Two Pieces

The Shimano Stimula spinning rod comes in both one and two-piece options. This can be helpful if you prefer a particular length and weight of rod but want the option of a two-piece rod for convenience for storing or traveling.

However, there are two Stimula options that only come in the one option. The 5 foot 6 ultra light rod only features as a two-piece rod, and the 7 foot medium heavy rod is only available as a one piece option.

Stimula Alternatives

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning RodPin

The Ugly Stik Elite spinning rod is designed for a similar market as the Shimano Stimula.

It comes in a range of lengths and power options for a variety of fishing applications. It features a graphite and fiberglass composite blank for durability and a cork handle for a lightweight feel.

Fenwick HMG Spinning Rod

Fenwick HMG Spinning RodPin

The Fenwick HMG spinning rod could be a good choice if you’re after some more professional features.

This carbon fiber rod is designed for strength and durability, and features stainless steel Fuji guides with Aconite inserts. However, it’s a little higher in price than the Shimano Stimula.

Berkley Lightning Spinning Rod

Berkley Lightning Spinning RodPin

The Berkley Lightning rod is similar in price to the Stimula. It features a rubberized cork handle and a carbon composite blank.

It comes in a range of lengths and weights, as well as both one piece and two piece options, and could be an ideal choice for freshwater bass fishing.

Stimula Spinning Rod: FAQs

What Reels Are Compatible With The Stimula Rod?

A spinning reel, such as this one, can be the best option to use with the Stimula rod, as it has been designed for spinning reels. Your spinning reel should be able to handle the same weight of line as your rod.

There are also baitcasting reels, however, these are generally designed for long distance casting and/or heavier line and are not recommended to be used with spinning rods because it can affect the performance of both the reel and the rod.

How Many Guides Does It Have?

There are 6 guides including the tip.

Can I Use This For Saltwater Fishing?

Yes, it can be used for saltwater fishing but it’s primarily designed as a freshwater rod. It may not have the strength required if you’re looking to fish for larger saltwater species, but could be suitable for smaller species found closer to the shore.

What Is The Line Test Of The Rod?

The line test of the rod varies with each size. The medium light rods have a 4 to 10 pound test rating. The medium rods have a 6 to 12 or 14 pound test rating, with the higher pound test rating being for the longer rods. The medium heavy rods have an 8 to 17 pound test rating.

Rounding Up

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  • Lightweight
  • Budget rod
  • Durable 


  • Budget rod
  • Not for heavy duty/saltwater fishing

The Shimano Stimula spinning rod can be a great choice if you’re after a durable, lightweight rod for freshwater fishing. It can be ideal for beginners, as well as if you’re looking for a tough spinning rod on a budget.

If you think the Shimano Stimula might be for you, check it out here and let us know how you get on with it.

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