How To Store Fishing Rods

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Once you’ve invested in your fishing gear you’re probably going to want to know how to store it properly, so you can keep it as good as new for as long as possible. But is there a best way to store your fishing rods?

We know how important your fishing gear is to you, so we thought we’d help you out and give you a little advice on some of the ways you can store your fishing rods and keep them in tip top shape.

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Why Storage Is So Important

Protects Against Unexpected Damage

Storing your rods properly can help to keep them protected against damage. Despite fishing rods being pretty strong when it comes to reeling in, they can also be pretty delicate, which can make them vulnerable to damage.

A damaged fishing rod could lead to your line snapping, meaning you could lose your prize catch. Without proper care, nicks can occur on your rod tips or guides and as your fishing line rubs against these nicks, it can weaken your line.

So it can be important not to let anything scratch against your rod and you should be particularly careful when it comes to your hook.

Your hook should be carefully attached to the hook keeper on the rod, if you have one, to prevent it from causing friction on any part that will come into contact with your line.

Your Gear Can Last Longer

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With proper storage and maintenance your rods should last much longer, as they will be less likely to suffer damage or need replacement parts than if you were careless with them.

Storing rods in a suitable rack can also help to prevent them from bending unnecessarily.

Preparation Before Storage

Keep Your Gear Clean

Before you store your rods it can be a good idea to make sure they’re clean and dry. This can be even more important if you’ve been fishing in saltwater, as saltwater can corrode your gear over time.

You might want to consider cleaning your rods down after every trip.

Take It Apart

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If you plan to store your rods for a significant length of time, it can be useful to take your fishing line and reel off of your rod, to store them separately.

Coil your line loosely to prevent it from memorizing a tightly wound shape.

If you’ve been fishing in saltwater, it can be recommended that you remove your line from the rod and reel before storing, in case any remaining salt residue might affect your rod or reel.

However, you can easily clean your line using mild soap, such as dish soap.

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Before you store your rods, this can be a good time to check your gear for any damage or wear and tear, paying particular attention to the guides and rod tips.

If there are any nicks on the guides, you could sand them down to smooth them out but if this is not possible you may have to replace them. This can be a good time to replace them, as it should mean that your line won’t become caught or damaged on the guides during storage.

How (and where) To Store Your Fishing Rod

Types Of Storage

You’ll probably find there are a few different types of storage options for holding your fishing rods. The one you choose will likely depend on where you plan to keep them and how much storage space you have at home.

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There are both vertical and horizontal storage options that you can choose from. If you plan to keep them in your garage, a wall mounted rack could be a good idea as it can keep the rods off the ground. This type of storage can hold the rods horizontally on your wall, or even your ceiling, and could mean you don’t lose any valuable floor space.

Vertical storage racks can be useful if you have enough floor space. Vertical racks could make your rods more easily accessible than a horizontal rack, as it keeps them at floor level and within easy reach.

Where To Store Them

Your home or garage can be ideal for keeping your fishing rods safe, as long as you keep them in a dry environment. Depending on the climate where you live, you may want to store your rods inside your home, so you can keep them at room temperature, whether it’s in an air conditioned or heated environment.

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Your garage or basement can be fine if the temperature doesn’t get too low or too high, as extreme temperatures may cause the materials in the rod to become weak.

How To Store Them

You can remove the reel from the rod for storage if you choose, although this may depend on the type of rack that you’re using.

Storing your rods inside a container or rod holder can be suitable for storage during transportation, however, it’s not recommended for lengthy storage, as moisture can build up inside the container and lead to damage.

Whether you’re storing your rods horizontally or vertically, if you’re keeping your line and reel on the rod, it might be a good idea to make sure your line is not pulled too tightly, as this can cause pressure on both the rod and the line.

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Finishing Up

When you store your fishing rods properly you can help to extend the life of your rods, reels and lines. Whether you store your rods vertically or horizontally, with the reels attached or not, remember to make sure you clean them down and dry them out before you put them away.

Maybe you have a preferred way to store your rods? Let us know in the comments. And if you liked this, share it with your fishing buddies to encourage them to look after their rods.

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